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I have seen time and time again that being involved with something you are passionate about is a good way to stay focused and interested throughout your business. I am having an extremely difficult time finding what products I would like to begin with. It's not that I am all over the place, it's that I don't know where to start to select a product I feel will be successful for me. Should I just pick any niche and go for it? What are your thoughts?
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    Passion is overrated. You know what most successful people are truly passionate about? Being successful.

    What I'm getting at is that doing something well, creates passion for that thing. Pouring yourself into something to the point that you're successful at it, makes you passionate about it.

    Sure, if you're already passionate about a particular niche, even better. But, why not just devote yourself to, say, email marketing, and promote things you know will sell. Then watch how passionate you become about making money.
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    It sounds like you're not passionate about anything or am I wrong? If you're not, just go to and look at the magazine titles to get some ideas on what niches are popular and which to focus on. If you do have a hobby or something that interests you, that's your answer. If you want to make sure your interest makes money, then again look at the magazine titles that sell.

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    Try coaching from a mentor you think will work for you and with you.
    Usually having made a commitment with money on the line has a way of finding a passion quickly.
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    BTW, have you looked at Mind Warriors for inspiration?

    Mind Warriors
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