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What software tools should be considered a MUST for use with your private label product listing on Amazon FBA?

I'm researching products in a frenzied pace right now, and I know that once I zero in on one or two, calculate shipping and costs (MUCH thanks to ImportExport on his excellent guide on this subject) and get started, I will need to be able to:

1. Auto reply to purchasers with a thank you and a coupon or two

2. Build links/traffic

3. Track inventory

4. What am I missing??

I know there are many, many tool options to consider buying, but I need to narrow it down to the absolute must-haves.

I'd especially like to hear opinions from...
agoge warrior
ryan david

Thank you very much in advance
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    That is against Amazon's policy. The most you can do is insert a slip in the product saying for example "Contact me at email123@email.com if you have any questions or concerns."
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    But I receive email notices every time I purchase something, and email responder is a tool that is offered in ASM via a contract with Matt Clark and Amazon.
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    Originally Posted by boobooch5 View Post

    1. Auto reply to purchasers with a thank you and a coupon or two

    2. Build links/traffic
    I would suggest you definitely check Amazon's TOS to see how number one could work for you.

    I may be missing something but I do not understand number two as the buyer traffic is already at Amazon so I do not see a need for linkbuilding. I may be missing something.
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    this is surely against amazon policy. its not worth messing up your account. maybe you should consider being a amazon affiliate, most of my customers are making good money with my service
    I have tried and wasted alot of time investing in alot of business that didn't make any REAL residual income or money.
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    Amazon loves their customers and they're not sharing!
    You can't put anything leading back to you in any way in your FBA products
    I suppose you can stamp your website on the product but you may get kicked out.

    As far as communicating with the buyers, you email them through your Seller Account Panel
    Anything resembling a link or email will be stripped out and you may get a reprimand or more.
    Your and the buyer's emails will be encoded by Amazon.
    So the short of it is you don't need anything to communicate with your/Amazon's buyers.

    Concentrate on keyword research, writing bullet points and descriptions and getting good reviews.

    PS: I've yet to see any course of any size or length that covers all aspects of a subject. I'm concluding that its not possible.
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    As others have said you cannot steal customers from Amazon & there's no reason to build links to an Amazon store either.

    That said, Amazon can be huge for building your brand name through exposure. If I were doing a private label brand on Amazon, I'd CERTAINLY build a standalone website using that brand name to go along with the Amazon store. Sell product on the private label brand's site as well, and you will certainly get traffic and links to the standalone site because of the relationship!
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