Is SSL certificates nescessary for ecommerce website?

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I have decided to setup my own ecommerce website. I am a small business with less than 10 products and I chose Prestashop as the platform since it comes with host that I use so I don't have to install it manually. During install process it ask me to choose my http and https protocol, I have absolute no idea what is a SSL certificates. After doing a few research I totally understood what it does. Unfortunately, my domain didn't come with it so if I want I need to purchase as addon.

My question is: Is SSL necessary necessary for a ecommerce website? Did anyone here apply this certification to their shopping sites? I plan to advertise my website via Google adwords with individual account so does google allow non-SSL site to run the shopping ad on adwords?

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    Yes- its 100% mandatory to use SSL if customers are checking out on your site (entering credit card #).. However depending on your set up you may be able to have customers check out with Paypal or another provider and then an SSL cert is not necessary.

    Regarding Adwords I think you are confused. Adwords and SSL are 2 different matters.
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    Yes, I plan to use Paypal as payment processor. What I mean about SSL is I am wondering if Google enforce any policy on adwords advertisers to use SSL certificate on their ecommerce website?
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      Originally Posted by Alex Lin View Post

      Yes, I plan to use Paypal as payment processor. What I mean about SSL is I am wondering if Google enforce any policy on adwords advertisers to use SSL certificate on their ecommerce website?
      Adwords doesn't have any policy regarding SSL but you may be required under your country's privacy regulations to protect consumer data with SSL.

      There is talk of Big G incorporating SSL into their algorithm but that is probably just to push their adwords revenue.

      If you are using a third party processor or payment gateway you can redirect the purchaser to the payment processor without SSL on your site.

      You may need to check whether your country has any specific requirements as you may be required to provide security for private information (not the payment or credit card stuff) that is entered on your site.

      You can buy a basic SSL certificate fairly cheaply but if you want the green bar with the EV certification it gets expensive....well not really if you are doing good business but still just another cost.
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        If you want to list your products on google shopping, they are now only accepting stores that use SSL.

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    Yes, SSL Certificate is required for your E-commerce website.

    As you said you wish to add your products on "Google Merchant". If you'll check Google Merchant payment policy "Payment and transaction processing, as well as processing of any personal information of the user (such as the address), must be secure (SSL-protected, with a valid SSL certificate).". That means your website must be secured with a valid SSL Certificate.

    Your website is an E-commerce business where customer/user will do transactions and add their personal/sensitive information. To secure all the transaction and sensitive information you need an EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificate.

    EV SSL certificate is the #1 symbol of online trust. It turns your website URL address in to green address bar and display business name along with URL which increases user's trust and confidence.

    Giant SSL certificate authorities such as Symantec, Comodo, GeoTrust are offering EV SSL Certificate.

    Symantec's EV SSL certificate will cost high compared with Comodo and GeoTrust.
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      No, you can setup your e-commerce website without SSL certificates if you plan to use 3rd-party payment gateway with SSL-enabled website (like paypal, 2co, etc).

      But if you want to get top search results on Google, use SSL - it's recommend by Google.

      SSL certificate isn't too expensive and easy to install (ask your hosting support team), so don't think about it - use SSL.

      Add e-commerce widgets to your existing website - find instructions and how-to videos!

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    SSL - Secure Socket Layer is a security protocol to secure information transmitted a web browser and web server via an encrypted link. SSL certificates can help to protect online user's login credentials, banking details, email addresses and other confidential information with strong encryption.

    Yes, SSL is required if your website dealing with user's private data. The Extended Validation (EV) SSL is an ideal solution for an E - commerce site where it gives the highest level of encryption.

    If any ecommerce site uses a third party payment gateway like PayPal and they have installed an SSL Certificate, then you might not require an EV SSL certificate because this takes care of the private information safety issue since the page where the payment would be processed will be secure.

    In that case, you have installed an Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificate for ecommerce website.

    An EV SSL certificate issued by the trusted CA's like Symantec, Comodo, GeoTrust, GoDaddy and Thawte, etc. Also, many SSL resellers offer an EV SSL certificate at reasonable prices.
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    2 questions to guys who replied:

    1. Why not go with free SSL certificate from? Google "Let's Encrypt"

    2. Anyone used Amazon Payments and how hard it is to set up?

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    As others have mentioned, if you are using PayPal only, they are a off-site payment service provider and you DO NOT need an SSL.

    Also, LABEShop is wrong. Google Shopping DOES NOT require an SSL to list products and neither does AdWords if you are using PayPal as the payment processor.

    Finally, I agree with Oziboomer about the misinformation being spewed by so may so-called SEO experts about the need for making your entire website HTTPS (secure). Although Google has said that having a secure site is a "minor rankings boost affecting approximately 1% of all global searches," there is nothing indicating it has helped any sites rank better. You need to remember that many of these "SEO Gurus" make money doing things that may be too difficult for some people to do themselves. Some have no problem misleading people about the importance of SSL certificates in order to earn an easy buck for their "full secure site conversion services".
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    For the good business SSL is necessary on eCommerce website.

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    I think SSL is a must. Both in terms of security and trust.
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    An SSL cert is required to have a merchant account approved for any e-commerce business. No SSL cert, no credit card processing.

    3rd party processors like Paypal do not require an SSL cert, as they have their own and the information is being passed through their gateway and not yours.

    Domestic & International Payment Processing.
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    I don't think ecommerce sites need ssl but it won't hurt to have one. Sites with https seemed to be ranked higher than other sites.

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    I should also point out that if you are using a hosted shopping cart like 3DCart, BigCommerce or Shopify, they have a free shared SSL that you can use that works just fine for most people.
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    It gives sense of security to buyers and sellers that their information wont be lost or mis-used.

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