Where to start with product manufacturing?

by ttados
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I have an idea for a product I would like to sell but I am not sure how to get that actual product made. This isn't my product but it's similar to say a wooden cigar box. It's not a complicated product and it's one I could actually build myself but not mass produce.

In saying that, and assuming we stick with the cigar box example, how would I find someone to cut the pieces and build the product?
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    Sent a pm. Take a look and let me know if I can help.
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  • What was your research process in this?

    I mean, you have an idea, you want a manufacturer, but how do you know it'll even sell? Do you know your profit before you sell?

    These are very important questions to answer. I don't advocate anyone ever telling another what they want to sell, but the process is vital.
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    If its a cigarbox then contact companies that make cigar boxes.
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