Opening a new handmade jewelry ecommerce, Any suggestions?

by sam240
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First of all my name is Sam. I'm new to the forums as you can see. I heard a lot of great thinks about this forum so I finally decided to join. I was up for 2 hours last night going through a lot of posts which helped me a lot so thank you for all for your information.

Here's my story. I'm trying to open up my very first online business shop through shopify. I don't want to spend too much time creating my own theme or maintain my website so I figure I use a pre-made system instead. I find that a lot of the time people give up because website takes too much time to setup and maintain. I'm an IT guy so I can handle a single website. Anyway back to my business. My business idea is basically handmade jewelry for guys and the ladies mostly bracelets. I will however add other products later but first I'd like to focus on handmade jewelry. I'm getting most of the stuff made from China through a supplier. In fact I already have about $1000 worth of inventory sitting next to me. Does anyone have any suggestions for me on how I should start selling this or market/Advertise this? I will sell on Amazon but I would like to stay away from Ebay because I would like direct customer. Not only because of competitors but also I want to present the quality and the uniqueness of my product. Keep in mind some of my handmade jewelry is very unique and hard to find but not impossible. I'm sure you guys will think that there are hundred thousand other people out there doing the same thing so what makes you unique? Well for one, my product is unique and second my passion for bracelets. I'm not doing this just for money. I want to be able to own my own business. I could just open an IT business and call it a day but I find this more interesting and challenging. Any suggestions, thoughts or ideas will be appreciated.
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    Hi Sam,
    Yeah it's that easy, We can bet on that for its reliability, Extensibility and admin friendly store settings. But do you aware of the cons of it? I guess one of the common drawback of shopify, might bother you "No per variant images, or variant swatch images which can cause mismatch images in checkout and make it very complex to script for items with multiple images per variant" ., So before investing in it check once, whether it suits you.,Thanks.,
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    There are lots of ways to promote it

    Create facebook page
    Run some ads via google or facebook
    Create a blog about your unique jewelry
    Create youtube videos
    Build an email list by targetting people who wpuld like your unique jewelry
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      I previously had a business that dealt in imported jewelry items of exotic woods like cocobolo, rosewood, tiger wood, etc from Central America. I may or may not be able to add value to your new venture. Probably worth an email.
      My contact's labor/material costs make for nice margins. Might be a nice add to your line.
      Let me know if you'd like to discuss in more detail.

      Chris _at_
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    Jewelry is extremely competitive and there are lots of people doing what you're doing.
    One that I've seen making a decent success spent a lot of time and legwork promoting it, such as home parties, getting displays in stores etc, etc...
    Not for the laid back type.

    Jewelry is a closed category in Amazon. You need to apply and be invited to sell there. Could take years if at all, but then you never know.
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    A suggestion: go to Amazon and get this Kindle book: "17 Places to Sell Your Crafts Online". It's basic but mentions multiple channels and summarizes their pros and cons. Today, 1/29, it's even free - but I don't know how long that will last.
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      You will be spending an ongoing amount on SEO. I had a shopify store in the bracelets niche and ended up selling it. Its very competitive. I would suggest selling on ETSY or storenvy and building a brand on social media. It takes a long time to build that following. If you're looking for immediate sales, be prepared to do a lot of SEO or PPC ads.
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    Run some Facebook Ads. PPE ad first, make sure you have pixel placed so you know which demo is converting the best. Then after 50 pixel fires (sales), you can run a WC ads and really scale things up!
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