How would you guys make an extra 300 bucks a month with Ebay ??

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Hi guys,

Money is really tight for me at the moment and I`m looking for a way to make an extra $300 a month using Ebay that doesnt need much/any of my own money upfront

I`ve always like Ebay as a platform and would love to use it but I dont have any/much cash to put up right now so can any of you guys give me any ideas as to make just $300 a month ??

Thanks James
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    Find a dropshipper
    Or dropship from amazon to ebay
    Tell your friends you will sell.their stuff on ebay for them and keep some of it
    Go.dumpster serious you eouldnt believe what people throw away lol..I once made 300 dollats just off one bag of clothes that got tossed luckily itvwas beside the dumpster I never dig inside of the trash to yucky

    Sell stuff you no longer want
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    Many ways to do it, the best has to be buying job lots of things people are to lazy to split, then selling them in singles.
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    I think Monkmoney should create a "Dumpster Diving" WSO. Genius!

    Robert C.


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    I once was at an audition for a role in a show at a Six Flags theme park. While waiting in line a lady came up to me and showed me a watch on her wrist.

    "This is a nice watch, isn't it", she asked. I looked around sheepishly, thinking she must have been talking to someone else. I realized she was looking right at me.

    "Yeah, I guess it is pretty nice" I replied.
    "you ever go dumpster diving?"
    "dumpster diving?", I asked confusedly
    "yeah, dumpster diving!" She exclaimed. "I went last night and behind the walmart they had thrown out over 30 of these watches. You want to buy one?"

    So yeah, I guess dumpster diving is a real thing. At Little Caesars they are known for throwing out their 'hot and ready' pizza at the end of the night. Bunch of poor college kids and homeless people would come dive for the pizza - so they had to start storing it overnight inside and throw it out in the morning (the college kids and homeless folk left terrible messes)

    Anyways, I digress.

    I remember as a kid needing to raise $700 to go on a ski trip with my church. I did so using eBay. I gathered up everything I owned that I no longer used or didn't need and just starting listing it like crazy. I thin went to family and friends and told them I would sell their stuff for a cut of the profit. I think it is a great way to raise some cash quick.

    Just don't get desperate and sell things you need. You will end up selling them for less than you can replace them. If you are an early riser and willing to hit the ground you can visit garage and estate sales (I know, tougher to do in the winter) and if you have a smart phone you can search ebay to see what items are going at before you make an offer. Then buy the items at the right price and list them for a profit. Just be sure to include costs (like ebay and paypal fees) in your calculations. And don't forget about shipping!

    Vintage and Retro Shirts from Vinretro

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    Thanks for the replys, I`m from the UK I`m not exactly sure what Dumpster Diving is ??
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      Originally Posted by jimkirk1943 View Post

      Thanks for the replys, I`m from the UK I`m not exactly sure what Dumpster Diving is ??
      Going through people's rubbish and finding things to sell
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    Are you already a seller on ebay? If you're just starting out and have no "reputation", then try selling your items at a lower price (compared to everyone else). Chances are potential buyers won't trust you right away if you don't have at least a few positive reviews!
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    Sell stuff you have or visit garage sales, yard sales etc. Or as someone else said use the Amazon to Ebay arbitrage method. Its easy and costs nothing to try, but takes a lot of time to find products and watch price changes.
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    walmart to ebay maybe a thought! Anyway Good Luck
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    Thanks for the ideas please keep them coming, No I have had an Ebay account for a few years 130 positive feedbacks.

    Amazon to Ebay .. Doesnt everyone these days check out Amazons prices too ?
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    by reflipping my amazon affiliate websites on ebay!
    I have tried and wasted alot of time investing in alot of business that didn't make any REAL residual income or money.
    Now i make thousands of dollars.
    My goal is to help you make thousands of dollars also.
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