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Hi there,

my friend called me yesterday and asked me the following question:

Is it possible to get an item (ordered from ebay) from amazon?

Ive laughed because I know this technique...

But is there an option to find out if the current user on ebay (where you want to purchase from) is a amazon dropshipper? Any characteristics on his seller account, etc.?

Thanks for your answers!

Best regards & have a great day.
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    Just ask them directly.

    FYI, this is RARELY the most logical way to source products. In fact, I'd say sourcing from other retailers is a last resort once you've tried everything else. Even then, it should be viewed as a temporary solution, just to "get your foot in the door."

    It almost always makes the most sense to source products using these steps:

    1) Identify a favorable niche you can do well in (high demand & low competition).
    2) Identify the top handful of BRANDS being sold in that market.
    3) Identify the manufacturers of those brands.
    4) Contact those manufacturers directly and see if they'll dropship for you.
    5) If they won't dropship, get contact details for their biggest distributors and see if any of them will dropship for you.

    This is the best approach for landing genuine products at wholesale prices and getting them dropshipped to your customers, regardless of what venue you are selling the products on (your own site, Amazon, eBay, etc.).
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    Many drop shippers are lazy and just get a description from the merchant's web-site, so you can check if description is same, but yes, you can always ask.

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    Most dropshippers use images with white backgrounds taken from Amazon, and most also use text. I source products on eBay and resell them on Amazon, and on the rare occasion I come across a large volume seller offering many different types of products, I can determine if they are an Amazon dropshipper based on the type of products they are offering by their range of items, and by the photos, and descriptions. This tells me not to buy from them, but to track these items for the purpose of buying it, perhaps from Amazon, and holding for a short term and waiting for prices to increase in the late 3rd quarter.

    80% of these sellers (which is an actual statistic, I did not pull this out of thin air) are no longer on eBay within 6 to 8 months - which I hope gives you some insight of the true complexity of reselling products on a platform where the products are sourced on a much more dynamic platform.
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