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Hey guys, I bet you get a lot of stuff like this from newbies all the time. I'm out of work and the future's not looking good. Anyways saying that whenever I was ever out of work before I took to selling branded clothes on eBay I picked up from charity shops and as a small scale operation used to pay for a bit of beer money at the weekends. I've always thought about drop shipping and this time I've got a small bit of money available to be able to perform a few sales doing it. But after reading a few posts, I came across the vintage/handmade site Etsy. Now this is where I need some advice, I myself can't make stuff for shit, but there's actually a few independent shops round my way that fit the whole Etsy ideals.

Do i? Buy a couple of things for stock photos trial run it and add a small profit to the final listing and send it out myself?
Do I? See if they themselves have a shipping policy and simply go in store once something has sold and have I sent out?
Or should I approach them and see if we can come to an agreement that if I can improve sales I get a commission?

I am absolutely certain that the only online presence these guys have is strictly limited to Facebook with no ecommerce shops for any of them. Local business for local people and all that.

Any help/ideas would be much appreciated as I think upscaling this from 3 upwards could actually bring a decent income.

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