I need help with selling on eBay and Etsy

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Hi all,

I have been out of the eBay game for about 10 years now. Now, I came to realized that it is a lot different for seller now as before. eBay and Paypal are straight up robbing sellers and plus postal service hike in fees are just not worth it.

Nevertheless, there's no alternative to eBay. Etsy is mainly gear toward craft and female demograph. I would like to get back into the game of selling online and wondering where to start out with?

I have a fresh eBay and Paypal account with bank linked and I don't want to jerpardize this account in anyway. My 2001 account got blocked and I can no longer use it. What are some advice can you guys give me if I want to get back into selling on eBay? I am also in need of whole sell distributor.
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