Low cost multi channel solution?

by fuzz
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I am looking for a lower cost multi channel solution. One that will allow me to do ebay and a shopify store. I have used a few but cannot seem to find one easy to use that is cost effective.

What is everyone using?
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    Nobody? Has to be some insight
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  • When you say low cost - whats your ideal price range? I do work for a tool that integrates with both eBay and Shopify (among many others), and our pricing starts at $50/mo. I don't know where that sits in your price range, but we have inventory, order, shipping and listing functionality built in, so it could potentially replace some niche separate tools you may have used in the past to automate the entire ecommerce process.

    I'd suggest checking out ecommerce review sites like WebRetailer and Ecombytes to see what your peers have to say about different multichannel software providers. Lots of good info there.

    Good luck. Hope you find a great tool that matches your business needs and budget!

    Tiana with ecomdash
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    Tiana I have tried your offering and I'm not real impressed with your support options.seems you all don't have a good for infrastructure for support?

    I do know you have a major update coming in march though...is that still on track?
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    • Hey Fuzz,

      To which update are you referring? We have a few coming up. Happy to provide more details once I know which functions you're talking about.

      Sorry your experience with our support wasn't stellar. If you don't mind sharing, what exactly was the issue? I'd love your feedback. Will relay it to the team so we can improve/make adjustments.


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    Well, according to my point of view, there are so many ecommerce platforms available in the market, which provides you multi channel market place, where you can easily integrate with them and get a lot profit in your business.
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    Almost all the tools solve option 1) or 2), you're looking for 3) or 4) which is why you are struggling http://www.warriorforum.com/ecommerc...preur-you.html
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