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Hello fellow warriors.

I'm looking at shipping out small packages under a pound and am interested to know if any of you have used or recommend a reputable fulfillment company in the US?

Thank you.
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    If you're selling a physical good and it can be sold on Amazon, I would suggest Fulfillment by Amazon.

    If it is an information product and can be delivered by CD or DVD, check into Kunaki.

    The best to you,


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    "Fulfillment" company? They have those?
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    After searching the web, I've learned there are thousands across the U.S.

    Now I'm wondering, has anyone had any bad experiences with a fulfillment company?

    Any have issues with payment processing or PayPal locking out accounts?

    If so, please share.
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    Hi cientiros,

    I'm also trying to figure out this piece of the puzzle with fulfillment.

    I don't want to use amazon fba because of their branded boxes ($1 extra to unbrand), competing with the product with the data they collect and I have no interest in listing my product on amazon because I have my own sales channel set up to build my customer base.

    I chatted with shipwire but it's still kind of pricey for a $20 product. Hard to compete when ebay sellers are sending out the same item for $9-10 with free shipping. I'm actually happy if I can match my cost to what they are selling for, but with $6 fulfillment fees and a product that I can find for about $4 (without freight) then I'm struggling.

    It would be great to share some info if we find something.
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    I am a bit confused. You say do not want to use FBA becasue of Amazon's branded boxes, yet the Amazon brand is exceptionally well known and trusted by consumers. You mention that one company you looked at is to "pricey" yet shipping to an Amazon warehouse with FBA is as cheap as you can get.

    You also say that you "have my own sales channel set up" but I think Amazon has that covered very well also, plus they have HUGE buyer traffic that you cannot surpass. Just my thoughts....
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    Following :-)
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    I was lucky with a local courier company here in Germany. They did this more or less as a side gig, but the prices were better than FBA and you had a personal contact you could reach by phone. Also it was pretty easy to set up because we could just mail them the invoices and they would use them as a picklist.
    Very good experience overall.
    I don't know if that is possible in the US but maybe it's worth a try.
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  • Kindly share what kind of products you want it for which cant be fulfilled with Amazon?
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    There're many famous fulfillment company in the world. If you're selling on Amazon, you'd better use FBA.
    Or, you can try this:
    This is for your reference only.
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