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Recently, I listened to an interview with Kelly Felix and Ryan Moran, two heavy-hitting internet marketers who I've been following for a long time...

They were talking about Amazon eCommerce, ASM, and generally making money with this system...

Ryan went on to talk about how easy it is, and he kept saying, (over and over) about the importance of knowing Copywriting and applying it to your Amazon product descriptions, reviews, branding, etc, etc.

I'm new to the eCommerce game, but I'm looking to dive in head-first.

I'm an exceptionally good Copywriter at this point, as well as landing page creator/CRO guy, as well as someone who knows how to write ad copy, how to target keywords in PPC, or very specific audience targeting/retargeting using RTB, Media buying etc.

Before I go any further I also want to mention that Ryan also talks about how the key factor in your Amazon listings is NOT how many reviews you have, OR how good your reviews are, but the key factor, is in fact, your sales volume (which of course, is impacted in some ways by your review numbers and quality).

So, he talks about essentially getting reviews and getting paid traffic sent to your Amazon listings to increase sales... if you break even, or even lose a bit of money, no biggie because you're getting sales and then will get your listing higher up in the natural rankings within Amazon's search engine.

So, my question is, do you think it's viable for me, as someone who's getting into this game, with the skills that I have (but lacking some specific Amazon knowledge) to find a partner who has these skills?

Should I find a partner? Would my skills be desirable to someone who already has a pre-setup Amazon business running?

And lastly, how would I go about finding a partner?

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    The basic problem I have with all the advice I see about maximizing copy for the Amazon listings is the limited control you have over an Amazon product page.

    I've been a pro-seller on Amazon since 2006. Pro-sellers do have the ability to create product pages, but ONLY if the product does not already exist in Amazon's catalog. If it does exist, you can only add an offer to an existing page that someone else created. You can suggest edits to that page, but they may or may not actually be made. You can include a little bit of text in the offer details, but this is supposed to be limited to the actual item you have such as condition information and Amazon will delete your listing if you try to put a copy there. You have NO control over the reviews at all.

    In all the years I've been selling on Amazon, I think I've created only a handful of product pages because just about everything is already in their catalog. I've seen a lot of pages I list on be edited - sometimes making my listing on it totally invalid - by competitors.

    So you can spend hours crafting the perfect ad copy just to see it not accepted or later changed by a competitor. In my opinion, it's not worth the time and effort to try to do this on Amazon.

    Now of course you can create your own, unique product pages on Ebay or your own sites, so you may want to look there instead.

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      I personally do not sell product on Amazon. BUT I do affiliate marketing with Amazon products.

      It would seem to me that the control you have over an Amazon listing can only go so far. but to have another site ( maybe even an affiliate site - collect on both ends? ) that you DO have total control over the context and content would make sense to me.

      Basically develop and build the sales funnel away from Amazon, and bring that then targeted and committed traffic to your Amazon page. Or if the node is open for it use something like the WooCommerce Prosociate plugin to develop the sale and carry over the transaction to Amazon. ( Added bonus to this as I see it is you get a percentage of any purchase made from the customer for 90 days after your sale - its like free money )

      I personally think Amazon product pages pretty much make lousy landing pages. So to pre-qualify and pre-sell prior to getting there makes a ton of sense to me anyways.

      So to answer your question. I really don't think you need a "Partner" as much as you need a game plan that enables your current abilities to drive traffic at an offer. The offer in this case would happen to ultimately be YOUR product on Amazon!
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