Shipping Directly from China to FBA

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Currently, we are a manufacturer of lighting and flameless candles. We make our own products in china, that are properly packaged for amazon FBA in china. I was looking to perhaps send shipments from China straight to amazon.

We currently have a broker in china scheduling our shipments, then we have a trucking company pick up the shipments and take them to our warehouse. We then pack up the shipments and send them to amazon.

I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the process that can walk me through the basics of coordinating shipping directly to amazon from the port.
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    I suggest using a local freight forwarder, preferably one who will act as Importer of Record (IOR). Not many will do it, but shop around.
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    Do not ship directly from your supplier to FBA. Its just a matter of time until your supplier realizes what you're doing and you suddenly become eliminated from the equation.
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    why not use one local Chinese freight forwarding company handing for you? such as use goodhope freight China limited. they are professional shipping from China to US FAB warehouse
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