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so I want to start a wholesale, dropshipping website, so i guess am gonna contact a 5-6 of manufacturers for the different categories i will be selling, but now my problem is i want to be selling to my customers based on, pay-on-delivery, so now my problem is how do i go about doing this.
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    The short answer is you can't - if you want to dropship you have to set up your business to follow the model - why do you particularly want to have C.O.D? You can always give it a shot, ask your suppliers if they will wait for their money once the item is shipped - I can tell you they won't like it. It is pretty simple to set up a Paypal button on your site and have people purchase, what is difficult about that?

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    I agree with MrFume...the model your attempting is not going to work. I too, would like to know why you feel you need to sell and ship COD. I'm also a little confused about whether your site will be selling to consumers or wholesaling goods to the B2B industry?

    I'd like to help you further, but need more information -

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