How to Apply for Selling on Etsy with Manufacturer Involved?

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When seller is working with manufacturer to provide product with minimum specifications (no custom design), yet he designed part of package like hang tag himself, is responsible to provide logo for package of product - does that qualify him to sell on Etsy?

In outside manufacturing application process there are different things they ask like origin and history of business, product line development, people I work with (manufacturing staff), how products are made (factory knows better?), step-by-step process of designing and creating item with manufacturer, concept development and design and prototype process, any other role I have in product creation of item, production process (factory knows better?), production process, images demonstrating design process, how designs and ideas communicated to manufacturer, your workspace and the tools you use to create your designs (they want photo of my room and monitor with photo editing program on screen?) etc. on 4-step process application screen

Looks like too much for someone who private labels half handmade decorative items. Yet I have seen someone selling eBook on selling digital format designs made in Adobe InDesign on Etsy marketplace. That's digital design which is not printed, nor framed that he has been selling successfully.

Any tips on how to apply and what guidance?

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    Nobody knows?
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    You would save yourself some time by going directly to the source(Etsy).
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