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Hi Guys

I am newbe to the e-commerce, so I will use a prestashop to set up a shop for me.

I have searched for a hosting and found quite good solution. Now, the question is: what do you need to set up a shop? in terms of hosting services?

appart from a Hosting Package, do I need a "GlobalSign OneClick Alpha SSL" or "Dedicated IP Address"? (I read somewhere that if I am going to accept a credit cards I do need it, is it true? or the hosting company wants to sell you some extra that you do not really need?)
what about an ID Protection?

anythnig else needed?

thanks in advance
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    You don't need to setup "GlobalSign OneClick Alpha SSL". SSL protocol setup is a must if you will have "your own credit card transaction handling automated system".
    SSL is a much more secure way of communication securely over the internet as compared to just http. SSL allows secure communication between the seller and the buyer over the internet. It is good to have setup for the payment related pages of your website.

    Since Prestashop comes with many payment gateway modules, you will not need to worry about SSL. Simply open a merchant account with any of the payment gateway(s) supported by Prestashop. Install that specific module in Prestashop and setup your store. All payment transactions will be handled by a specific payment gateway. The payment will handle credit card payments for you by taking a reasonable fee.

    As an example, when you sell your stuff by simply using Paypal payment buttons, all technical stuff is handled by Paypal. You don't setup or configure Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or even https URL for any transaction on your website.

    A dedicated IP Address is good to have from SEO point and preventing your website from being blacklisted on search engines. A shared IP address is shared among many websites and if one website gets blacklisted on a specific search engine, there is a risk of other website(s) blacklisted as well.

    So, a dedicated IP address is optional. If you will get one, you will not need to configure it in Prestashop settings. Just setup your Prestashop store as you would with a shared IP address.

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