Should I make jewelry by hand or just order from china?

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I want to get started with my first store and am planning on taking some classes at Michaels to learn how to make jewelry.
But to be honest when I look at YouTube tutorials it looks like a long process for good things and it seems like a lot of work or something people wont want to spend a lot of money on.

Would it be better to just buy the pieces for $3-4 each on ebay and try to resell them for $9-10 on my site?
or would it really be better to hand make them?
would love any advice on this. thanks
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    It depends on you but much better to have both.
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    You should try for both. And if you continue for some days then you'll clearly understand which is better.
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    Test it and see.

    Good luck with your venture.
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    You are absolutely right - making jewelry is a time & money consuming process. You need to be really into it, have a lot of fun crafting jewelry, only in this case it makes sense. Otherwise - too much work, too little outcome. If you're not a craft enthusiast, better go with sourcing jewelry from China. Set up Instagram account, start uploading pictures of inventory and simultaneously do heavy Instagram marketing. Then connect your account to inselly (you'll instantly get a free online store on the platform) and start directing your followers to the store to buy. There are now numerous Instagram shops working this way and, from what I see, many of them are doing pretty well. Just don't expect really quick results, as you'll need to build a solid following before the first transaction will take place.
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