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Can you kind folks check out my site and tell me what's missing? I've been live for almost 1 week with no sales yet and around 20 visitors. I'm on Facebook and Twitter, as well.

I'm still adding product images, but decided to go live anyway and add product at will.
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  • I think you've got great products, so that's an awesome start. I would maybe adjust your product description settings so that the information is view-able without having to click the drop-down menu. You have good info, but it should be easier to find, and maybe higher up so that they don't have to scroll down and can view it side-by-side with the product.

    I would also fill out your "about us" page some more. Add a picture of yourself or your team to help create buyer trust. Love what you have so far, but bulking this section up will help buyers feel more comfortable buying from you. PS: former 90s raver? You sound like someone I'd want to be friends with!

    Have you tried any pay-per-click ads yet? I would spend a little on advertising, Also, I'm not sure if you've set up social media accounts, but definitely connect them to the social icons at the bottom of each page (right now social icons are linking to Bigcommerce's social sites).

    We published an eBook recently for new businesses looking to improve marketing, customer service, shipping, and other ecommerce efforts. It's free, if you wanted to check it out. You can find it here.

    Good luck to you. Wish you lots of success!
    Tiana with ecomdash
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    Nice site...Is it mobile ready? Probably is if you're using big commerce. Anyway, I'd recommend using paid advertising instead of trying to use organic search.

    My last ecommerce was in the fitness niche selling supplements that I physically stored and I went after my target market. Without saying too much, I used twitter but if you would like to know more just pm me.

    You drop shipping, importing, or using a distributor?

    Just wondering.

    Always a little easier to keep your SKU's down as well. You can target those specific products.
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    I can't review your whole site but let's see if i can at least give you a couple profitable pointers.

    Your front page, above the fold, is very valuable real estate. This is due to the fact that this is all most visitors to your site will ever see (most will not scroll or click through, that's just the way it is, don't take it personally).

    Unfortunately, on my screen (iMac using Chrome) nearly fourth-fifths of this front page real estate is redundant and very wasteful. It's taken up by your top navigation (necessary) and a very large header that takes about half the available space. There is also an excess of white space between the heading, the top navigation, the header and the first line of your front page product list.

    Tip 1 - reduce the size of all of this significantly, to about half the current size, so that visitors can now also clearly see all of the products on the front page WITHOUT having to scroll.

    Tip 2 - use your header pointedly as most visitors will not stay more than 3 seconds if the header does not immediately and very clearly state what the site is about and what value it brings. Currently your header simply states "Modern Twists on Vintage Style", which is 'okay' but doesn't draw me in. Get creative and think of benefits and specifics that will add some pow to the header.

    Extra Tip - make sure to use purpose-created landing pages when using ads or links to specific products. Don't just point visitors to a page where the product is among many others. Your conversion rate will be significantly less if you do so.

    Hope this helps a bit. Go to it. Good luck with your venture.
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    Thanks for all of the feedback! I will implement what I can and download your e-book Tiana.

    Zany Zebra, I use a bigcommerce template which I can't alter much without knowing CSS. Maybe I need a different template? I'll look at their options again.

    I'm looking into paid ads on Facebook, SFNY. I'll PM you for more details.
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    Originally Posted by violet0176 View Post

    I'm new to ecommerce and chose a Bigcommerce platform to sell women's clothing. Can you kind folks check out my site and tell me what's missing? I've been live for almost 1 week with no sales yet and around 20 visitors. I'm on Facebook and Twitter, as well.

    I'm still adding product images, but decided to go live anyway and add product at will.
    You have all the right ingredients there to make it a success but there are some things I found which can be improved with time as the site has been live for one week only:

    1. When I searched for backlinks, I found that you are ranking for the keyword 'gold disc necklace' and that too is not ranking well. This shouldn't be the case because as an e-commerce site you should rank for multiple product categories to grab the search engines attention. For eg., blue cardigans, kimono wear, day-time skirt - be creative.

    2. Lack of choices. Categorize the products in different colors, day time, evening wear etc.

    3. Start working on your blog. Better if you can add 'clothing' news related to celebrities and popular people to kick start things.

    4. Start polls or ask opinions from your social media following by engaging them with the 'latest wear' of any popular celebrity.

    5. Remove the 'Sale' section if you don't have any offer yet. Bring it back up when you have found some products to fill that section up.

    6. Change your theme. It's too basic for an ecommerce shop of clothes. Instead, look for themes which match your name (hint: choose 'vintage ecommerce wordpress theme). It goes without saying that you'd need a responsive theme.


    - Sana.

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