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So, I have Giggle Bee Boutique up and have added some products.

I ran a weeks worth of Facebook ads and did receive some likes, but no sales or even email sign ups.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I should do to get this thing going?

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    How your website looks is important to the viewers. I think you have to improve your site. Make it presentable and credible. Make it more eye-catching. Nowadays, most of the websites are responsive where people can easily buy stuffs through mobile. Give it a try to improve your site 'coz it seems outdated and not legit. The price of your products could also be a factor. You have to review.

    Please check their portfolio. They can help you.
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  • You may consider using Pinterest and Instagram as part of your marketing. You products look like they may appeal to those platforms.

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    Your website need improvements in terms of user experience.Make it more attractive and user friendly.
    You can add more products and present it attractive way. You can hire best web designer and developers to develop your website by keeping users in mind.
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    Just try to follow this basic process regularly

    Facebook Fan Page Promoting:
    a) Update Status with Relevant Content
    b) Collect and Create Fan base
    c) Communicate and Response to the Audience
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      I would suggest using Instagram as a great way of marketing. There's so much potential with the users. You can get really creative and there's a ton of tools out there to helpful drove traffic and make sales. Follow us on Instagram @theinstaculture for tips about how to brand yourself and business. It's also an amazing community of people
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    Generating sales and leads is much more than just running an ad campaign online.

    Let's start from the Ads, how are they targeted, you can target only a segment of people whom you feel will be interested in your products. This will save you money and will also lead to an increase in sales. I will not put any preference to any platform you advertise on but make sure your campaigns are targeted.

    Secondly, after you run the campaign, how do you handle the incoming traffic, do you lead them to a sales page directly or through a landing page. If the former is not bringing you the expected results, I think it will be time to redesign your site, make it more appealing since facebook users are the group that needs more modern design. Include a landing page that explains more about your product and how it will benefit the customer. Only then will you lead them to the catalog. Remember to include email subscription into these landing pages.

    Another alternative is to try other methods of marketing like Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and SEO. You will get visitors who are ready to buy and for Email Signups, use content marketing.
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    you should be shortened object to run ads, I mean customers who need your targeted, high traffic may not necessarily lead to more sales

    visit website product review

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      I like your site. I think also just having more products will help people to find something. The more items you have, the better chance you have of making a sale.
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        I think you can buy some advertising package and drive traffics to your website. Then, you have higher chance to get sales orders.
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    your conversion rate will increase if you make your Facebook page attractive. Share some quality stuff and share regular and give proper information to your follower about your product. i hope after these steps your conversion will increase.

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    ">MacBook Airl</a>

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    You only have 9 products and to be honest, other than the baby items, you don't have anything I would ever consider buying. Especially for the price. I can find a batman glass at the Dollar Store and the phone case is overpriced. Definitely improve your product range and figure out what Demographic you're going to market, then market.
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