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Hey guys I am having a hard time getting a solid answer to my question.

Shopify has a global <head> in the theme that applies to every page. When it comes to installing the facebook tracking pixel I dont want the Key Page Views pixel to apply to every single page. So, I have written code to load the SAME key page views pixel on the Home, Collections, Products, and blogs page. AND then code to load a conversion pixel in the cart and Thank You page.

Is this the correct way to have set it up in shopify. Or can I just have the Key Page Views pixel apply to every page and then a Check Out pixel in the Thank You page.

Thanks so much in advance I have been racking my brain on this one.

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    You're making it hard for yourself. You don't need to go near the head code or template files - at least for the thank you page.

    I wrote a guide that shows you how to add AdWords conversion code to Shopify, but the same idea applies to Facebook. Jump to step three: https://www.digitaldarts.com.au/how-...ing-in-shopify

    This applies the code to your thank you page. So now you only have to do the cart page? Why do you want to use the same conversion code for two key behaviours? Don't group your buyers with those who abandoned cart.
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