Small speciality food store - shopify, bigcomm or woocommerce?

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Hi all, I have very little technical expertise (took an HTML class 10 years ago!) so the obvious choice for me would be shopify or bigcommerce. However I am concerned about the monthly cost + credit card fees fees. The next 3 months we won't be selling, just using the website as a landing page for fundraising/advertising and then the following 6 months we will have 3-5 food products. I think maximum our store will have 10 products. furthermore, our profit margins per product as is are very very low so shopify taking a credit card fee + 30c cuts majorly into that small profit margin.

Can someone give me an estimate of how much a wordpress estore costs. I guess some costs would be domain name, hosting, paypal/credit plug-in, other plug-ins (?)? It might be thatboth shopify and word press end up costing the same?

I'd have to hire someone to make me a wordpres/woocommerce stor but think that might be a better investimate than monthly fees/transaction costs on shopify.

Thanks for the help!
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    Here are the minimum fees you're looking at with WordPress and WooCommerce.
    Hosting, Secure Check Out pages (called private SSL), PayPal credit card fees per transaction. (FYI, every provider charges these)

    That's it.

    The cheapest way to get these, in my opinion, is to get a Host Gator Business plan hosting account, which includes free private SSL. It costs from 10 to 14 dollars per month.

    The basic PayPal options come with the free version of WooCommerce, so no cost there.

    The only other cost would be for help setting things up as you mentioned.

    Let me know if you have more questions.
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    I guess this article might be really helpful for you: How much does it cost to build a website? | Webxity Technologies
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    You could do this with WooCommerce with no recurring fees and the only cost being your hosting account. It's what I use and a great solution if you want to keep your costs down. I use Paypal as my payment provider, but there are many merchant gateways offered as an extension. Just be aware that merchant accounts often make you sign a contract for several years, so if the site is a bust, you could end up with a costly merchant account that you don't need.
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    There are two options in my mind
    One is Woocomerce and the other is Magento ...

    Woocomerce would be best for you . because you have a small store and magento have a lot of data so i would recommend use woocomerce and also it has a lot of free options and plugins available

    There are a lot payment gateways in woocomerce .... so do use it

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    im starting out with shopify to get up and running quickly since i don't have web experience, then get something else up after we get up and running.

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