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My colleague and I started a new e-commerce site, Modern Survival. We've been open for about a month and reached just over a thousand unique visitors. We sell supplements, condoms, and t-shirts targeted towards the younger gym going male (i.e. Gym Day Anatomy 70% water, 30% whey).

I can't figure out why we haven't made one conversion. We get most of our traffic through reddit via our blog which describes in detail the specifications of the products we sell. Facebook has been either a hit or miss. Twitter has produced the least impressive numbers so we are considering abandoning our account.

I look forward to hearing everyone's critique.
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    Reddit users are typically cheap/broke, so I wouldn't rely on them for sales. Are you marketing your site on instagram and targeted ads on facebook, etc...? Maybe visit a few sex related forums and link your website. Your webdesign could use a bit of color.

    Do people actually buy condoms online?
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    To be totally honest, the products are sort of all over the place. Condoms, the 4 different supplements and a couple shirts. With only one option for protein.

    I think you need to niche down your offerings a little. Maybe go for just condoms and sex joke type shirts or something. The supplement space is a tough one and your competitors are offering 1,000s of products.

    If I'm being really picky, I don't love the name either. Especially since it's hyphenated and a .net.

    Hope that helps!
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    We've tried targeted Facebook ads, using an audience interested in dating, romance, nightclubs, and bars. We hardly saw a bump in traffic. Google ads, while likely the most effective, is too far out of our budget. It's about 3 dollars a click.

    I really like all the ideas so far. I'll probably need to find 20 or so supplements to feature to make my site a worthwhile stop so that will probably go on hold for now. Next course of action will be sex forums and a focus on t shirts.

    The color scheme before was black and purple. I liked it at first , but every other big site that sells similar products has the "sterilized" look. I guess it's for a reason, it doesnt strain your eyes as much as white text on a black background.

    Yes people do buy condoms online and for a multitude of reasons. I guess this should be a blog article . Buying condoms from a reputable online store is just as safe as purchasing them from a pharmacy or supermarket. They all get shipped by the same method. Price. A 12 pack of Trojans is about $15 at wallgreens plus tax. On our site you can get it for about $7. Even with shipping it's still cheaper. Discretion. Avoiding awkward stares, especially if you live in a small town.

    The name, modern-survival.net. The hyphen bothers me too, I bought modernsurvival.com a few years ago, but I'm having trouble getting it back from godaddy. It's on my to-do list.

    Thank you everyone for all the advice so far!
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