Shopify experts: why is the pricing plan is different?

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Dear Warriors,

if there are Shopify experts, could you please explain the following: I have discovered that once you create an accountv in Shopify without a store, your pricing plan is 20 bucks less. Instead of 29 bucks monthly for the basic plan you have to pay only 9! But once you connect a store, chosing a template, the pricing returns to standard 29usd plan. Could someone evaluate on this? Does it mean, if I pay right away (add my cc details) and only afterwards connect the store, that I'll remain on the 9usd basic plan instead of 29 bucks?

Thank you!
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    9 dollars a month does not give you a store front. It allows you to use the POS as well as have the ability to take payments.

    Most only use this plan if they are using something like Click Funnels to sell from.
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    Hey There,

    Just a FYI on something they don't advertise. They have a online 14 Dollar plan. It's tough to find so I ended up chatting them one day to confirm this.

    So look closely when selecting your plan, in finer print it mentions it. But if you don't see it, make sure to chat Shopify they will explain it to you.

    Also, if you need help too, just PM me or chat


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    Thanks, Chris!
    We have the best talents!
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