Woocommerce or Shopify?

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Hello Warriors,

I run an ecommerce site for 3 years on woocommerce and i am thinking may be its better to move to shopify. What do you think? Please advice me pros and cons both platforms.

Thank you.
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    Both WooCommerce and Shopify have their own sets of qualities. And ultimately it boils down your needs which way you should go. If you don’t like to do much customization and like simple pricing structure then Shopify is a nice option. However, if you want more control then go for WooCommerce.
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  • True, Woocommerce is a better option as you have more controlling options. Shopify is good for a small online business website.
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    WooCommerce is lot better than Shopify. It has unlimited extensions so you can customize it the way you want. However, Shopify is better from SEO point of view.
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    I'd say Woocommerce would be better than Shopify, though have a look at OpenCart, I used it in the past and it was great.
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    You'll have some limitations with platforms like Shopify. You'll need to figure out which platform would best fit your product and needs.
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    Both are the best e-commerce platforms and trended. I recommended WooCommerce Plugins for the eCommerce Store because it fully customized as per your requirements, also lots of free and paid plugins available.

    As compared to WooCommerce, there are less plugins and customize features available in the Shopify.

    You must use their frameworks and features to configure your website.

    Internet Marketing Experts, ready to help other at any time, any where.....
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    Don't know why you'd switch when you're already with the best, IMHO. Why go from a platform with no monthly fees to one that has monthly fees? Millions of ecommerce sites are being run with WooCommerce now.
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    Go with Woocommerce!
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    I think you should stick to woocommerce because there is so much you can do with it when shopify on the other hand has more limits. If your experiencing no problems with woocommerce then stick with it.
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