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Greetings warriors. I've been away for a while but I decided recently to come back on the scene. I've realized that after trying to go the "working a 9-5" route, I don't really have what it takes. This online marketing is all I know. This is my 9-5. So after more than 3 years away, I want to get back into things. The problem is, I'm broke. So I have to start small again. The best way, by my own experience, is with ebay. I'm already established with them so all I gotta do is jump right in. Which brings me to my point. Can you guys recommend any good wholesale companies? Like I said I'm starting off small but I plan to grow fairly quick so I'm looking for something that will help me get off the ground without too much risk or investment. If you have any ideas, let's discuss.

I also don't have a niche or specialty. I kinda just sell whatever I come across. If you have any ideas on developing a brand or you know a wholesale website geared toward something specific, let me know. Thanks warriors.
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    Start your own website and market it, if really plan to make money.

    If drop shipping on ebay is your plan, you're not going to make any money. Their fees are too high. As far as staying on ebay, you can go the vintage clothing route, which is big, but you'll need to spend money upfront - find a GoodWill or other thrift shops. Buy nice, cheap clothing and then triple the price on ebay or do auctions. If you have any fashion sense whatsoever, you can make good money.
    You need to shake the cobwebs out of your mind and figure out your business plan. No on can do that for you. Research, choose a niche or 2 or 3 and get serious.
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      Yeah I dont plan to dropship on ebay. Since im starting out small, im going to be selling cheap stuff until i can build up enough to expand into better items. Im working on a website to sell clothes so Ill implement that into the ebay front as well. of course, when i do, the ebay storefront will be for selling the vintage, thrift, and clearance items that will not be featured on my site.

      thanks for the imput. cobwebs are being shaken as a better plan comes into focus.

      There are an unlimited number of potential future selves. Are you going to become the one you want to be? or the one that just... is?

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