Arbitrage and Brokering Deals to Chinese Importers

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On WF it seems that people recommend arbitrage as a good means to get started online. I have been looking into both physical product and service arbitrage lately. Recently on a trip to Holland to visit my parents I witnessed the demand for Dutch baby formula from the Chinese as they raided stores 10 - 20 people at a time to buy up the whole supply in the stores. I have located a supplier of Dutch baby powder, but connecting with Chinese importers is the hard part.

My intentions are to broker deals for the baby powder with my markup in the price and pay the supplier for the product and shipping. I tried brokering excess inventories internationally, but I found that getting targeted, serious buyers was my biggest problem. I had suppliers, but to get people to move from interested to serious buyers was where I struggled. Spending too much time with tire kickers isn't fun.

I was considering buying into a B2B site to connect with buyers, but am not sure if that is my best course of action.

There are people that are arbitraging web design services for $1000+ and I figured that why not go sell container loads since it takes just as much energy to sell $10,000+ container loads versus web design services.

Instead of doing the B2B site, I was thinking of utilizing the same principles behind the web services by using FB and/or Adwords to target Chinese importers to lead to a landing page to capture their information. and then take them to a free quotation or catalogue for interested buyers. So instead of putting $150 USD into a B2B site, take that same money and set up hosting, an email responder, and site and put the money in adsense/FB ads.

I guess it wouldn't be any different than any other list building, but I would be focused on bulk buyers versus individual buyers. I am relatively new to IM and direct response and still don't know the right strategy to go by.
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