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Hey guys,I want to make a multivendor marketplace and am confused by all the choices out there. Do you guys have recommendations/suggestions. Here are my thoughts so far:

1. I've looked at etsy clones but they are really expensive eg shopsy and apptha + I'd need some customisation which would further add to the cost. I'm guessing this would be 1000-1500$

2. I'm therefore thinking about buying templates eg phpmarket or iscripts multicart or cms and then hiring someone from upwork to customise it for me cheaper

What do you guys recommend? Any leads on someone who can help me customise? At a low cost?

I have zero technical expertise and honestly had to google php and cms to learn what they were so would need someone who is A+ good

Some unique needs of mine:
Individual vendors should receive payments directly (no mass pay by admin)
Cash on delivery option
Tiered membership (eg. Free basic vendor with limited functions ie maybe max ten listings, pro vendor plan which is charged and includes unlimited listings, products featured on main site etc)

Thank you for the help!
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