Should I start with Ebay?

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Hello everyone!

I've been doing lots of thinking lately about an online store. I have found a supplier within 7 hours from me. They do allow drop shipping. They only deal with authorized dealers. I filled out the application and I'm waiting on a yes or no. They also sell items in large quantities. I was thinking about setting up an ebay store to start out. I list all the products I can and link my ebay store every where I can. Once I figure out which items sell the fastest, I buy a large quantity of that item(s). By doing that I can buy the items at a cheaper rate than selling as drop shipping. A friend of mine has a very successful forum and said I can link my store/items on his forum. For the first year it won't cost anything, but after that he will charge me 50.00 per year or a product worth that. Which is fair. His forum has over 2,000 members and growing.

Is this a good idea? What do you guys think?

If all goes well maybe develop a ecommerce site?

Any advice ? Suggestions ?

I am wanting to do this on the side. Not depend on it.
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  • hi
    i think u can try both of way in the same time.
    1. to open a ebay
    2. to do forum(For the first year it won't cost anything,its free so u can try to see the result)
    Diversified development may good,as u know sometimes things are changed.
    and by the way ,u also need to find more suppliers to aviod some change in the near future.
    (suppliers to provide a source of instability, price changes, product shortages out of stock and so on)
    hope it can help u.


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