Anton's "Drop Ship Lifestyle" VS Steve's "Profitable Online Store"

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Hello Warriors. This year I'm starting my first drop-shipped eCommerce website(s). I've done the research and found two courses that stood out for me:

1. "Drop Ship Lifestyle" by Anton ( at $997

2. "Profitable Online Store" by Steve ( at $997

They both seem extraordinary and are leading courses on the industry. I'm definitely buying one or anoyher, but simply can't decise which one would suit me better and which one has better content/help & price ratio.

On one hand, I like "Profitable Online Store", because Steve covers more information of what we'll get if we sign up. I like that he includes spreadsheets of finding your niche, action checklist, system of bonus points and even 30 minutes one-on-one couching after you have enough points. I also like Steves style of writing, because it radiates the influence of Pay Flynn (who's one of my favourite etreperneurs).

On the other hand, Anton's "Drop Ship Lifestyle" is focused on drop shipping entirely which is more relevant to me, where as Steve's course is focused on online stores in general (altough he elaborates a lot on drop shipping as well). Also, Anton made more money than Steve within the first year of doing eCommerce, according to what they both state. However, there's no one-on-on coaching and I assume no spreadsheets or checklists.

So I'm kinda lost. They both seem awesome. They both sell for the same price (altough the "drop ship lifestyle" price is going up soon since it has been updated to v4, just recently).

So guys, which one you think is the best? Which one has the most value for the price? Which one should I buy?
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    If anyone who has one course or another (or even both) could share the quality and quantity of the information, would help me a lot in terms of deciding which one to buy
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    Hi, I know Anton is currently redoing a few segments of his course to update it. So, that's good. There's no one on one coaching but there is a lot of activity on the forum.
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      Yeah. He actually realeased the new version two days ago. I was in the early bird list and now he is selling it for $997 which is temporary price until it goes up! That's why I'm eager to make this decision as soon as possible.
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    did you purchase the Anton Drop shipping course?

    Im curious it's much more now.
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    If you are still torn, you can always sign up for our free course. Our philosophy is a little bit different than Anton's because we put a great deal of emphasis on keyword research and on ranking organically, but his approach works well for some niches. Steve Chou's course is definitely different and works better for people who are more willing to take risks. It's an excellent and totally different system for those who do it right and hit on the right niche. Nothing they teach is wrong, it's just different than what we teach, although we touch upon the models each of those courses rely on.

    There are many ways to make money online and all three courses take a different route (although I must admit that Chou's course doesn't focus on dropshipping all that much). It's like comparing apples, to oranges to grapes.
    FREE ONLINE COURSE- Learn How to Dropship the Right Way!
    My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox News, the NY Times & Flippa
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    Truthfully, they are both good. DSL is very dropship oriented, POS is better if you are looking to inventory and sell your own products, especially if you are private or white labeling.

    DSL is very much a speed to market type thing where POS spends a lot more time trying to build a sustainable business.

    I think Anton is spending a lot more time updating things as they change. Steve is spending a lot of time doing his podcast and building his online business. My only worry is Anton is branching out into information products so I worry his main product will suffer.

    As Dave Hermasen said, check out their free product.
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    I came across Anton's program on the Warriorforum, about 4 years ago. At that time, he was just getting started and I snagged his program for $20. It literally changed the way I approached ecommerce. Today, I still own the same ecommerce store that I started years ago, using his program. It has been a financial game changer for my family.

    I know his program has went through many revisions since I purchased it several years ago. Anton is very helpful and seems to truly care about helping people succeed.
    inspiring the aspiring entrepreneur -
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