I am new here here to ecommerce

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i want to do successful online ecommerce or online drop ship business.. can any one please guide me here in detail
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    Go to google and type in " How to become successful in eCommerce in 2016" this is the best place to start to get your feet wet. After you have learned a little bit more for free, then try to find a mentor that will show you the way or help you become a little bit more advanced in this area.
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      • u need takes some times to research articles ,and there are some mentors.so u can send messages to them.

        to be a better girl.

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    Honestly, you'll have to ask specific questions or just start reading this forum for answers. No one is going to write you a detailed ebook, when the info is available here if you dig for it.
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    Using the search feature on this forum is a valuable research tool. There is a lot you can learn.

    As for a specific suggestion - I am a big believer in the FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) business model. It has many advantages such as the large amount of buyer traffic that is always on their site. It makes sense to have some of your inventory available there.
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    Dropshipping is now a days being very common form of business. A lots of sellers using this method to run there business and I must say, there are only a few % of sellers are being successful.

    To start a Dropshipping business, Your very initial goal should be to choose a dropshipper, who are trust able, providing good qualities of products, offering good prices and so on. Other wise it would be hard to make profit. You may source products also from CHINA or locally to sell and these will need tons of time to research and source products.

    Then you can have your own website, where you can sell these products, at the start amazon and ebay platforms are highly recommended. This is because for a new site you have to give enough time to grow where amazon and ebay has ready customers already.

    Hope this helps!
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      Originally Posted by ZanyZebra View Post

      In detail would be difficult.

      In general I would advise against dropshipping, it's a flawed business model where the margins are relatively thin and has reliance on others to deliver large parts of the business without much control on your part.

      There are a small number of people who make it work decently and a very large number of people who don't.

      My advice would be to look to other areas of ecommerce, particularly private labelling with multiple routes to market. I myself have been doing this for some time with a 6 figure monthly income resulting.

      Good luck with your ventures.
      I would agree to a degree with ZanyZ about dropshipping: it's challenging, profit margins are thinner than the stock & ship model; however, I think it's no more challenging than any other model. The primary difficulty, I believe, pertains to choosing and understanding a market - preferably a tight niche, profitable market. If you understand this process and have or can learn good business practices, then you've got one of the hardest parts out of the way for any model. The next challenge will be to find suitable products and a supplier. Website builds aren't that difficult, but marketing and SEO have a steep learning curve, and any business model requires both.

      Best of luck!
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    i want to do successful online ecommerce or online drop ship business.. can any one please guide me here in detail
    what your asked is not a good questions,u can say more details about what u want to know ,so repliers can reply to u and help more to u.

    to be a better girl.

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    Welcome to the E-commerce world and plenty of opportunities are available to grow. E-commerce changed the face of global economy in last 10 years and way of shopping. i think no one new to E-commerce because we are connected always in many forms like shopping in online, online recharge, order groceries, order pizza etc. are you interested in how E-commerce business works and how it is helpful for your next startup/business.

    There are two business mainly in E-commerce
    1.Want to build E-commerce Platform where others can use
    2.Want to sell your products with E-commerce website

    The following skills you need to build

    1.Business Strategy / Plan
    2.Programming skills like ( PHP , Javascript , HTML , CSS etc )
    3.Problem solving skills
    4.Marketing skills
    5.Entrepreneurial Skills
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    A simple google search will help you a great deal. However if you opt for one of the smaller e-commerce companies, be sure to do a read up on their policies and the quality of their logistics. If they outsource their logistics division, their deliveries may take longer (increased middlemen).

    Dennis Bailey.
    London, United Kingdom.
    Productive work is the only kind of work worth doing.

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    Visit the Google eCommerce Guide 2016 for getting all details abput eCommerce for complete help in eCommerce.
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    Read all the threads of ecommerce.
    Read the questions and answers of the people to get knowledge. It is beneficial to buy a guide for you.
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    I agree with many here that it is better to use the search engines.
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