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I have decided to give ecommerce a go in 2016. I have done a bit off affiliate marketing and earn some small money , but I want the big $$.

I have no clue about eCommerce other than some googling . I plan to sell two things healthy stuff ( gluten free soups, seweed chips etc ) and gadgets as i have blogs on both niches .

I have already started a facebook page for the healthy stuff and so Intend to test that first as a i got a local supplier fo healthy gluten free products. My website is The Green Bean – Eating Green and Keeping Fit and my facebook page is

I have not yet added the shop to the website , but i am planning to start with woocommerce and wordpress to sell initially to keep my expenses low .

I have no clue about eCommerce yet going to give this a go and so would appreciate ideas and suggestions from you experienced folk

can you help me ?
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    Honestly, I would start with a platform that is already generating the traffic for me such as Amazon. Now if you really want to go for the Gusto bucks, go and look up a site named and get familar with the site, check out how it all works ect..... Then go and look up etsy clone, get yourself a nice etsy script and create your OWN eCommerce platform where other people can sign up and become merchants on your platform! You can set up a platform for healthy foods or you can cater to the health nut crowd. There are many niches you can set up your own eCommerce platform. You will get paid by getting a commission of whats being sold on your platform or by allowing your merchants to pay you a small monthly fee to host on your platform. You can sell on Amazon,create your own platform, sell on your own platform, and get others to sell on your platform! The sky is the limit.
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      Im just looking to create an on-line shop ?
      what platforms ?
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    i think trying all selling platforms for free is the best way and then created your personal site
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    eCommerce business is a serious business and you can get good amount of profit from this. At the start I should say, you should have your own ecommerce store, and yes, wooCommerce seems a good option. So you can have built your site on there. However, Shopify and magento are other good options.

    Remember, most of the sellers on online just create an store on online and then they wait for the sales. This is not going to happen. Once you have your site, you have to run SEO campaigns at very initial, beside this you should run other marketing campaigns and some ads campaigns also recommended. These are just initial steps to grow.

    Moreover, you must have heard about Amazon and eBay, these are also some awesome platforms to start a new business, For a very new business I would like to ask to join these wide platforms, they have millions of customers and you may utilize them. This is because sometime from a new website it takes long to get the first sale.

    If you feel that you need some assistance you may check Sellers Engine They do provide professional services for online Sellers.
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      thanks Chad
      i was leaning towards woo commerce as well for budget reasons .. i dont want to bleed cash before i even start making money ..would rather do that for marketing .. was just trying to suss out good eCommerce options and tips on how to get it all together

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      Originally Posted by DavisBrown View Post

      So you are working on eCommerce website. Then WordPress is a perfect platform. For building an e-commerce website this plugin WooCommerce is a perfect choice.

      All I can help you is to share you this write-up on how to use WordPress with WooCommerce.
      Hey thanks Davis

      I read that thread very helpful .. whats with the thousand decimals etc ..

      will have to figure it out ..will be getting woocommerce i suppose

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        since you are just starting out and testing the waters at first, i would advise you to go with wordpress + woocommerce or shopify. The first requires some inital setup investment but you have the whole control on your site, the latter has a monthly recurring cost but you give the control away.

        On the other side if you would ask general e-commerce startup advice i would advise you to use your money as following: 1/3 for sourcing of items, 2/3 for marketing. I have started 2 e-commerce projects in the last couple of years which both somehow didnt go quite well. Biggest mistake i made was underestimating the need for marketing budget. Since you are already blogging which means you somehow reach your target audience. I would suggest you to implement facebook pixel to create a custom audience which you can use to advertise later. Also adding a google tracking pixel for adwords custom audiences will help you with your advertisement budget immensely. Assuming you are in a country where twitter enjoys good following, i would also advise you to create sense making info tweets which you will regularly tweet. In of my ventures i found out that people love facts.

        Packaging and pictures have a huge impact on the sales. So craft your packaging wisely and make sure you shoot great pictures.

        On the other hand here is a site which can help you to find which questions your target audience ask when they search for your product: that free visual keyword research & content ideas tool You can use it to create great product descriptons and faqs.

        If you need help with your wordpress + woocommerce setup i would be happy to help, just contact me on:
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        If you are planning for woocommerce site, You will have to get complete knowledge of wordpress for using woocommerce. Also customization is little difficult, so please check all the pros and cons of using woocommerce before making it a perfect choice. You can check more details here - Top 5 E-Commerce Platforms in 2016
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