Looking to quit my day job aged 48.

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Dear Readers,

I am looking to build a website similar to hugedomains.com but want a more established brand. I am looking to compensate a developer up to $10,000. I am, and have been, very interested in the business of domains and find it as a safe investment considering people spend 10k on cars that decrease in value every year!

I am also looking to partner with a developer who knows about domain management and is knowledgeable in internet security.

For an example of the types of the domains, i am looking for specifically keyworded domains on sale for $15,000 +

The current domains we are looking to acquire asap: Cheaplabor.com Betisle.com Betella.com

For the right person, i am happy to make this a full time position with a likewise, higher pay package. You should also be experienced in using Flippa.com, Afternic.com and Sedo.com so that we can find domains with keywords (cheap, bet, fast, etc more details will be given to potential candidates). I am also open to rev-share opportunities and those who are reading this that might be interested, who are dealing with the same budget as myself and have a proven record of business, i welcome your messages.

We are also looking for domains under 20k with potenial sale
for 40k+ So much so a Risk management team is being setup, if you think you can help send me a message!
Equally we have a client list whom have expressed interest
in these domains and wish to acquire them and as such, we are need of domain brokers, again send me a message if you think you have something to offer!

Kind regards
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    Don't quit your day job.
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    Im getting old and have built quite an investment and have a convincing revenue for the 1st year. I would love to take this off and quit my mundane job, its not just about the money for me but more about the excitement of running a business
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      Good for you!

      Quit your day job...you'll never get rich working for someone else.

      Throw your hat over the fence; you'll have no options except jumping over to retrieve your hat. Snooze you lose.

      I'm laughing at your reference to being "old" at age 48...ha ha ha....I'm 60 and certainly NOT old.

      Digital marketing has been a golden rainbow for me and I strongly recommend anyone who has the drive and ambition to go for it...Tomorrow is here, technology is here...take advantage of it! There's nothing better than making money while you sleep!!

      Much success to you,
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        Hi Divo,

        Appreciate the support! haha, i feel old, maybe i should edit the post!

        Kind regards
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    Get everything up and running earning as much as you do in your day job, then quit knowing you have done it, work full time then building your own business... all the best with it and just go for it. Anyone who wants to quit working for someone else and go it alone get my support.

    Create Your Own Sales Funnels More Info Here
    Get Your Wordpress Blog Live On The Internet More Info Here

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    If you feel old you're probably out of shape. Get fit -mentally and physically.
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    I'd suggest that you wait until you see some results from your new venture, before quitting your day job. As far as finding a partner is concerned, 'freelancer.com' may not be a bad idea.

    Dennis Bailey.
    London, United Kingdom.
    Productive work is the only kind of work worth doing.

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      Andrew this seems, on the face of it, a bit risky.

      You could probably do better in other ventures than the broad paint strokes you are mentioning.

      You will want to manage your risk after reaching 40. So if you are still at the age where you are thinking abstractly about internet security and such you will need to start embarking on a lot of research.

      Which I know takes a lot of time, that a job/family does not afford you.

      I have taken 3 years off to do research and really pin point what I am going to do now that I left my € 50k a year job.

      But on the other hand, i own my home, no debts at all, no kids no wife, etc, so i am not under pressure, save for my age (40) of which I have been using computers since 1983, so I already have a good background on IT and accounting/law.

      Shoot me off a message and maybe we can brainstorm a bit and come up with some ideas?

      Brainstorming never hurts.
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    Originally Posted by andrew888 View Post

    The current domains we are looking to acquire asap: Cheaplabor.com Betisle.com Betella.com
    Don't worry everyone - I'm rather positive Andrew isn't sincere & this is all a ruse. I'll copy paste my response to Andrew in a domain forum where he posted a couple weeks back. (Note somebody else with new account named Eddie just magically said they were seeking the Betisle domain in that forum in another as well... while it currently is for sale at Flippa). He posted this exact same message in another domain forum but used the username David888. He also posted on Reddit.

    Well listen - anyone in the domain biz wouldn't announce the domains they are looking to acquire. I noticed Betisle.com was registered only 3 weeks back but can't see the registrant name (Registrant Name: WHOISGUARD PROTECTED). However I do see a brand new member at Flippa from 6 days has it listed for sale. I see you are a brand new member here as well. You should maybe contact the seller at Flippa as you're both from UK... ... ...

    Sorry Andrew but you don't pass my sniff test.

    I say Andrew/David/Eddie is the owner of Betisle.com & trying to get it sold on Flippa.
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