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Hello people

i am an ebay seller and currently working on getting more feedbacks to my account
i am planning to start dropship in few weeks and i am afraid that i will get negative feedbacks from a dissapointed customer that received amazon gift package and also noticed that i had some profit...

i already searched on feedback profiles of amazon to ebay dropshippers and it's very rare that customer mention amazon in their negative feedback
it will be great if someone can share what they are doing to prevent this issue.
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    Find a supplier that doesn't use FBA and then chances are the logos aren't going to be on the box. Prices might be slightly higher though.
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    I do not think people will be too upset if their package arrives with the Amazon logo on. People love anf trust Amazon. It chose to buy from you on ebay and agreed to the price. What I would watch out for is that the Amazon prices can sometimes change dramatically and by the time you items sells the Amazon price has risen or the item is sold out.

    While I know some people use this business model it some what baffles me because I always think of ebay as having the lower prices. Every week I buy items on ebay and then sell them via FBA, usually for a good margin. Once I bought an item from ebay, it came in an Amazon box and I know for a fact that the person who sold it too me lost money because the price on Amazon was higher than what I paid for it on ebay. I then sent it into Amazon and sold it promptly for a nice margin. You do not want to be that ebay seller!
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    It is very risky to start drop shipping.
    You and me both have to get the solution of this problem because I'm also thinking about it.
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      Originally Posted by irweazel View Post

      It is very risky to start drop shipping.
      You and me both have to get the solution of this problem because I'm also thinking about it.
      How is it risky to start drop shipping? If you become a legitimate Reseller, one can begin drop shipping virtually for free.

      But yes, it is risky to illegally drop ship from retail websites --I don't even call that drop shipping more like drop skimming and scamming.
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    Personally I was never a fan of the amazon to ebay route BUT I have heard good things from it overall,besides,I may have been using it last year when I started and didn't even know it(I did "ebay to ebay",didn't trust continuing it because you can't upload a tracking number twice in their system).You also don't need to check the gift option,products fulfilled by amazon don't have invoices in them,I heard the gift option could red alert amazon if you're sending too many gifts to different addresses yet alone different cities on the normal.If all else fails just buy the amazon products and list them yourself once you get some more bank(almost can never go wrong with buying things like smart phone chargers for starters).

    Also:As much as that box might be a giveaway STAY WITH AMAZON SHIPPED PRODUCTS PLEASE,do a little searching on the amazon forums and you'll see the third party sellers don't take kindly to dropshippers and have little "solutions"for them.
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    Amazon want only customers, not dropshippers, this is why they use that label and any other features.
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    Ive been drop shipping amazon items to ebay for over a year now and I'm really happy with how its going.

    If you set everything up correctly, then you can just rinse and repeat your statagy, and you'll be laughing.

    Im doing over 100 sales every day on ebay and most of my business is automated using simple online tools.

    As I said, if you business is set up correctly, you'll have no issues, your feedback will always be high due to a high sale rate, so any negatives will be negligible.

    Do let me know if your interested to hear more as I love sharing my knowledge with other people.

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    • Hello, how do you know which items to list? My breadth of experience is not that high yet.

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      Hi, how much do u usually do a month dropshipping on ebay. How do u figure out how much ebay fees u have to pay before you list what u want to someone to buy it for and how much do you mark each item up in other words how much profit to u make on each item. Thanks
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    I think some people will get upset to see an Amazon logo on a product bought on Ebay. I would.

    It only takes one person to give you a bad review on Ebay.

    And like it was posted above: get a seller that ships the products instead of Amazon: so you won't have the famous Amazon box shipped to your customer.
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    No money investment drop shipping is always everyone's dream.
    IMO the only ones making real money drop shipping are the drop shippers and the ones that sell you the concept.

    If you want to have Amazon ship your own product for you, blank box and they will for a fee, open up your own FBA account, you don't need to sell on Amazon, send them the merchandise to store and tell them where to ship when you have a sale.
    Good luck
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  • Hope you have used Terapeak for finding the items to sell and to set a competitive price for your products. I suggest that this would be the best one to use
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    You may also want to avoid eBay's Global Shipping program (where a US based eBay processing center receives your package and relays it abroad). I used Amazon fulfillment to send an item to Global Shipping center once and it came through in very bad shape.
    Possible it was just a coincidence, but I've always kind of suspected eBay wasn't happy about the Amazon box.
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