Is Craigslist a good selling platform for new shoes?

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Hi guys,

I'd like to know your opinion about Craigslist as a selling platform for new merchandise such as shoes.
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    Craiglist is a good selling platform for selling anything.

    Also the only way to know for sure is to try it out yourself. Unless someone has done the same thing, anyones opinion is just a guess. And anyone else selling new shoes successfully probably wont answer.

    It's not even really a matter of "IF" craiglists is a good place to sell new shoes, its a good place to sell anything. The matter is being able to post enough ads for it to be an effective business model.
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      I know a guy who has consistently ran his entire used Chevy LS engine business off Craig's list for several years now. He's made it work fairly well, but a lot of it has to do with the supply and demand of that product in the area. No one else in town provides what he does. If he got a decent competitor, I think Craig's list marketing probably wouldn't cut it for long.

      Obviously, selling new shoes can be profitable (I have a friend who does it), but there is a lot of competition for this almost everywhere - both in brick & mortar and eCommerce. Give it a try on CL, but visibility will play a huge part of your success. Will CL do this for you, and how convenient will it be? Personally, I hate updating my CL listings so that my ad stays fresh and visible.
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