Wesite to submit my products to for sales and traffic?

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Did you know sales channel site will make potentially sales for my brand, where i can create my page and start to upload my products and sale it. Is a good strategy put my product in more then one e-commerce or is better focus only in one?
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    You could use Amazon or eBay, or both. I would put your product on multiple channels: it means more exposure.

    Need HOT products to sell on Amazon or eBay? Check out this WSO: https://www.warriorforum.com/warrior...lr-9-99-a.html

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      Yes, in the beginning, to see if there is a demand for the product Ebay and Amazon are great.

      However, if you are running your own e-commerce store, in the future (once your store has great traffic) you will want to create scarcity and listing your products on other places might sabotage that effect.

      Since that is not the case, however, what I would suggest for you to do, would be to try driving some traffic to your store.

      If you want to see if a certain product will sell, you can run facebook ads about it. They are cheap, have great options and for like 40$ you can gain a basic idea if a certain product will be profitable.

      Also, if you live outside the USA, there are usually other websites for the country that are more famous. For example, I live in Bulgaria and that would be OLX for me.

      If you live in the USA, you can search niche specific websites where the owner might agree to list your product for something like 10% commission etc. (Do that for testing purposes only)

      Otherwise, you want to get traffic on your own store.
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      • It depends on how you want Investing Amazon or eBay They are good choices and lower costs
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