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just wanted to see if anyone would share real life experiences of their web hosts, am thinking to migrate & looking for dedicated / vps with >1tb disk & plenty ram & cpu under say $100

ideas & comments please?
Thanks M
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    I am with Rshosting since 2010 I had even tried hostgator for some of my websites but faced real issues with them after EIG purchase ,since then not a big fan of EIG, but over the years Rshosting has offered me top class support at with high performance hosting at an affordable price ..incase you are looking for reliable provider I will be 100% sure to recommend their service.

    DealDomains.Net | Design your Dreams
    List of Quality Top 5 Web hosting Providers | Just to help you when you need them :)

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    I faced the same issues, Getting good host is really hard, we should consider the uptime, price and features. I have seen a top 5 VPS Hosting list. Hope it will help for you also-Top 5 Best VPS Hosting Providers in India, VPS Hosting Reviews

    Best Web Hosting Provider in India | Best Shared Web Hosting in India | Best VPS Hosting in India-

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    This is soo me three years ago
    When I was searching for the best dedicated server solution after crashing down all of my websites from shared servers somehow, my shared server IP had blacklisted and all of my websites lost tons of traffic and believed or not it was all f---ked up anyhow that's the whole another chapter. I switched all of my website to managed cloud hosting provider and seriously happy with them... you can try them, and I think they are offering one-month free which is surprisingly damn cool for new users to test out.
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    I recommend Evolvewebhost - most helpful, best supportive hosts I've had in 20 years of being online.

    Owner of & 20+ Niche Online Stores as well as and other sites. Recommended Host: Evolve

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    I still use multiple host providers, but generally prefer smaller more dedicated hosts where they know who I am and my objectives. That's especially important if you're doing a product launch or some other campaign where traffic and bandwidth can spike dramatically. It's comforting to know I can warn the host in advance and they understand and are then better prepared.

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    I would recommend BigScoots. They are a smaller company with UNREAL support. Not once have we had a question that wasn't answered within 15 minutes. Uptime is great and we've never had any major problems with them.
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    You should purchase hosting at reputable sites. To ensure fast access speed. They are constantly improving and updating.
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  • What is a good sized vps? 1tb? (For magento)
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    Go for Rochen or Siteground. They are best.
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    Nexcess hands down. You simply cant beat the reliability and support. If you are running a Magento store then its really a no-brainer.
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      Originally Posted by clemsonwebdesign View Post

      Nexcess hands down. You simply cant beat the reliability and support. If you are running a Magento store then its really a no-brainer.
      I have to agree. For Magento, you won't find a more knowledgeable and helpful host than Nexcess. Great service and support.
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    Avoid any hosting company owned by Endurance International Group (EIG) which includes HostGator, BlueHost, HostMonster, iPage, FatCow, JustHost, Arvixe, A Small Orange, HostNine and many others.

    Here's a review article regarding EIG:

    Here is a snippet from the link above:

    EIG’s Acquisition and Business Structure

    The executives and decision makers behind EIG devote a great deal of their resources to finding up-and-coming web hosting businesses that have a strong customer base. Upon acquiring a new hosting business, EIG often makes several notable changes to the business. These changes can include the implementation of their own control panel, migrating accounts to different servers or datacenters, as well as a reduction or complete abolishment of the existing operational staff.

    Endurance International Group has their own team of support staff that they use for many of their hosting companies. Despite the acquisition of a new hosting business, which in turn brings new customers, EIG eventually transitions to using their own short-staffed support personnel. The downside of their actions is that both their existing and new customers will potentially have to learn to deal with lower quality support service. There is simply not enough staff to deal with their ever growing customer base. This trend is likely to persist as EIG continues to buyout other web hosting companies, but could be reversed if the decision makers at EIG prioritize staffing their support/technical departments.

    In most cases, both existing customers and potential new customers of EIG-owned companies will only see these brands from the outside. For example, HostGator still looks pretty much the same as it did – they continue to have the same brand name, logo, website, promotions, plans, etc. However, EIG has completely revamped and overturned the administration and technical side of the business.


    Choose a web hosting company that is …

    1. Reliable
    2. Fast
    3. Provides great customer support
    Bonus: Has a great affiliate program

    My web host of choice is the only web host I promote ...
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    Vps is the way to go, stay away from shared hosting for ecom sites. You want your site operating at top speed all the time. I use liquid web and am happy with them.
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    I swear by Storm on Demand by Liquid Web. They have on the fly upgrades for when you need extra space and don't want the hassle of doing full migrations.
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      Originally Posted by Yuriii View Post

      Hello, I want to recommend the best dedicated hosting servers for me. That are Verdina supports you with many of the cheap dedicated server plans with Euro 69 per month and with Intel Xeon E3-1241, 4 cores are generated, upto 32 GB RAM support and up to 8 x HDD SSD/SATA. The other features of this dedicated server plans are flexible bandwith strategy, 1GBPS dedicated uplink with the KVM Access. 50% discount for the 1st month with a coupon code "MNFDPN". The offer valid untill 1st of July.
      Thank you for being our client and for taking the time to write a detailed review, giving useful information to our future customers. We appreciate your feedback about our service. Your comments are important for us.
      Signature -Powerful dedicated hosting on enterprise hardware! Fast, Secure, Reliable!
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    If you are located in India, I have researched and made a blog for best Dedicated hosting and Best VPS Hosting Companies in India

    Best Web Hosting Provider in India | Best Shared Web Hosting in India | Best VPS Hosting in India-

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    I'd recommend you to use services from and
    They provide their services taking into account the needs of all their customers.
    Prices are competitive. Uptime is high and support is helpful any time you contact them.
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