Anyone who has ever tried to use Ankaka's dropshipping program and it worked?

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As a dropshipper I have come across several droppshiping program but i am interested in knowing about Ankaka dropshiping program on spy gears. I am aware Ankaka somewhat allows dropship orders for customers as long as they are registered at no extra cost. Is this really true?
I am told you do an online order and add a shipping address as you checkout.
I also learned that it is a a simple process as you first ankaka account, you then sell ankaka products through respective stores, you receive customer orders, you place an order with them and then Ankaka will ship the order to customers in your name. It sounds very simple.
Anyone who has ever tried to use Ankaka and it worked?
Please give me your opinions so that I may proceed with my dealings. I am interested in these dropshipping programs. Thank you.
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