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by imza86
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Hi, so i have a e-commerce site based in Singapore. The url example is

I have watched some tutorials which said to target audience globally, i should also buy other domains maybe like , to target audience in that specific countries.

Is that correct ?

Also if i am to buy but after somebody click on it, can it make redirect to my main domain which ?
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    Yes you can buy any domain and make it redirect to a domain you own when someone click on it. You set it up in your control to make your and domain redirect to it. It would work perfectly if your .sg .au .us domain all have the same domain name like say Then you can use each domain that pertains to a particular region when you are promoting your business to people of that region.
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    Anymore suggestion guys ? Will having a .us domain helps me for getting US based visitors ?

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    while getting a few cTLDs cant hurt
    I wouldnt go over board

    There are 209 countries or so in the world

    You could get one for big martkets like australia maybe canada spain

    It may not be a bad idea to buy a .com if free or a .eu for European traffic

    Also remember some cTLD have restrictions on them and you cant just buy them
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    Do you have to buy domains to target another locality???

    I'd question the premise before buying a load of domains.
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      Originally Posted by gulf media it View Post

      the domains have nothing to do with the traffic...
      if you want traffic there are ways..
      you want the traffic who want to buy stuff from your site, not just any bot traffic,...
      what is your budget? and how soon do you want t o have it ?
      Yup i know the domain has got nothing to do with traffic but lets say i wanna get traffic from Australia, is it good that i have a variation of my website? Because would that help me rank in ? Because my website now is based in Singapore.

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