why my website only 5 order?

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my website finestglasses.com we have 50% off prescription glasses, but not making more sell, Please help.
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    Which platform did your use to make your site? You can PM me with the details.
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    Originally Posted by glassescost View Post

    my website finestglasses.com we have 50% off prescription glasses, but not making more sell, Please help.
    I don't know.

    You fail to supply even the most basic of information and therefore nobody can begin to guess at what the problem is. For example, traffic sources? Traffic volumes? Conversion rates? Etc, etc.

    However, there is one thing that is glaring. Many people will not buy from you because the english written on your site is extremely poor.

    So, until you have a native english speaker re-write a substantial amount of text you will have virtually no chance with it.

    I hope this helps. Good luck with your venture.
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    What all promotional methods you are doing?
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      Originally Posted by Pick Panda View Post

      What all promotional methods you are doing?
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    Have you tried FB ads ? It's very good and comes with retargeting option.

    Search more about retargeting, as eCommerce uses it a lot to get recurring purchases.
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    Which eCommerce platform are you using? selecting the most suitable solutions is a basic significance, as it can be the variable in charge of either success or failure.
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  • I have gone through your site and found that it is created on .NET programming framework and design of the site looks good. However, buying process is very lengthy. You should include a "Buy Now" button along with "Try On".

    Have your tried advertisement through social media?

    If not, you can increase traffic on site from social media to create a Facebook Fan page including Twitter, Linked In and Google Plus as well as article writing, blog postings, SEO and website linking. You can also post your ads on movie review sites, funny videos, Classifieds and Forum Commenting etc.

    I hope this helps. Good luck with your venture.
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    Your site looks good. Now you just need to drive targeted traffic to it. You can try any of the following methods for targeted traffic that converts.
    Article Marketing, Forum posting, facebook, and some paid advertising.

    You might also want to create a blog to promote the site where you can write reviews about the glasses on the site, and other useful content for people in your niche, Remember that it is more important to offer real value. People wil buy.

    Hope this helps.

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    Site seems to be California based - but you wouldn't know that from the text. Quite a few English errors and when you are competing with other US based eyeglass sites...language errors on a site will lose sales.

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    is online glasses store for you last step
    One place says 50% off - another (same page) says 40% off - but the prices shown (again, same page) are neither 40% nor 50% 'off'.

    Though you have good reviews for the offline store - online store has several complaints of slow shipment, non-delivery, etc.
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    Is anyone using FB ads and making conversions without shelling out a ton of cash?
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    Maybe you need to improve your marketing strategy. Or maybe people are not really interested in your products. Just try to make some improvements and see what will happen. There's no harm in trying.
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    First tell us what are you doing currently to promote you site. SEO or paid ads? Have you tried FB ads?
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    The site looks nice, i like the design. The most important reason why you are not getting any sales is because you are not promoting the site in a good way. If the prices are 50 % off, the site looks nice , people can pay with paypal that means they won't be scammed, the only reason is that many people do not even know that this site exist. invest some money in promoting your site that will drag some traffic and some sales for sure.
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    Hi Buddy,

    Try below tricks

    - Try to put Coupon Code on your products
    - Social Media (Power of Marketing)
    - Hire Affiliate Partners (They will increase your sales)
    - Try Newsletter
    - Much more concentrate on content
    - Eye catching words

    Hope It's works for you...
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    Can you promote your website on social networking sites, if not then do it because it is important to promote your site for traffic...
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    Try to rank your keyword google.com and FB add. I hope you get good sell. I saw your site actually is better design.Looks awesome.
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    Immediately start ppc in Facebook and bing ads. You can get sales instant just have a try with this two website and also use google ad words and start doing paid advertisements in google.com. Increase your website traffic create Facebook fan pages and promote it locally.
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    Your homepage looks great, it's just you have too much information - customer might feel overwhelmed trying to find where to start - the top and bottom navigations are heaving, consider reducing the number of links, as in retail 'Less is More'.
    I absolutely love your Product page and the 'Try it On' feature - really smart.
    Instead of adding more content, consider going for simpler design - many most successful sites are now very basic, with few links and the top and bottom, making a good use of 'white space. [review by Rock Paper Copy]
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    As two other people have mentioned, the main problem with this website is the very poor English. Most people will lose trust in this site immediately after reading just one sentence. You can make the most professional looking website in the world but when the grammar is not even at grade school level, people will not trust that you are a legitimate business.
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