Why e-commerce websites need to be responsive?

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I want to sell online. - Multi product, for now - not an entire line of products. I'm not remotely techy. I want to find a super simple, clean, elegantly designed, minimalist, beautiful, modern template, optimized for all mobile devices, laptops, as well as EASY to use.
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    e-commerce websites need to be responsive because it makes it simple to use............& handle....
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    Importance of Responsive Web Design

    Supports Mobile device Users - Responsive website design, which associates mobile web design, is a more and more important component as web access is moving more towards smartphones.

    Increase Site Visitors - Building a website design completely responsive to various devices allows your online business to reach a wider range of audience.

    Improve Conversion Rates - An optimized and reliable website provides the better user experience which leads to improve conversion rate with increase in sales.
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    Most of the sales come from Mobile therefore its important to have a site thats mobile responsive.

    Thank You

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    These days laptops, desktops are no longer used much for daily activities. Site should be responsive so that all devices can be taken care of.
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    Now a day's user land at website multiple devices at my be Mobile, Desktop or Tablets that way we need a responsive design website that is become compatible for all the mobile devices and user stay at website for long time.
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    the users are nowadays visiting the websites vai mobile & tablets to for the convincey of customer the site must be responsive.
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    Even if the site is not responsive the user will get to other websites so u wont get the business
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    Obviously you should make it responsive.because when you optimize your site no matter what the end user decides to view it on will make their life easier. Happier customers makes for happier business.

    For Website and Graphic Design service I am available.

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    Originally Posted by zaidi1814 View Post

    I want to sell online. - Multi product, for now - not an entire line of products. I'm not remotely techy. I want to find a super simple, clean, elegantly designed, minimalist, beautiful, modern template, optimized for all mobile devices, laptops, as well as EASY to use.
    without responsive theme you won't be able to target mobile traffic, therefore its also recommended to create website with responsive theme

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    You didn't say what cms you are going to use. WooCommerce has a lot of responsive themes available that are WooCommerce friendly. That would be my pick.
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    Hello zaidi1814.

    Let's say you are travelling by train, and you pick up your phone to browse the web, just to kill time. You are looking for a beautiful brand new custom case. Then you land to an unresponsive, desktop designed website. Your mobile browser will render the website at full size. How much time are you going to spend zooming here and there?

    That's the reason why ecommerce stores need to be responsive designed. Customers just would not last 5 seconds on your website.

    Now, about a minimalistic easy solution. It's a matter of choice. There are done for you solutions, as there are solutions that you might have to do some custom work yourself or hire someone with the knowledge to set it up for you.

    That's my two cents.

    Hope it helps you get around this!
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  • Have you considered designing your own website / mobile app yet?
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    The simple logic in that is to reach as many people the ecommerce sites can reach to increase the sales. Today the smartphone is everything for buying, selling, get social, business and many more purpose. To reach out mobile users you have to be responsive mobile devices.
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    I am sure everyone is going to boo me, but I absolutely hate visiting responsive web designs, I much prefer pinch zooming when I need it.

    I went responsive five months ago, there was NO increase in traffic, and there was a decrease in sales for us. This month I went back to non responsive.

    Fnck responsive design. Get a better phone. This isn't 2010 anymore. People still using phones which need responsive design don't have any money to buy your stuff anyhow.

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    Responsive design - a popular web design, but whether it is right for you?
    By 2014, more than half of the traffic will generate mobile devices. If a Web resource is not optimized for them, users will be run with such a site like the plague.

    Today, it costs you only talk to a web designer to create a mobile site, as he tries to persuade you to make a website with responsive design. But what's good for developers, you can not come.

    If you are considering to create an adaptive site, the following text will help you make the right decision.

    What is responsive web design?
    Responsive web design (responsive web design, RWD) - This approach to the development of sites, according to which the resource should be easy to view from any device, regardless of the size of the screen, whether it's a desktop computer, a mobile phone or tablet, an existing device or something, it appears only in the future.

    Remember, we were told that the CD-discs are not scratched?

    Responsive design can provide many benefits, but the absurd assumption that it is suitable for all web projects.

    No single tariff plan, diet or religion that would be suitable for everyone, so why do we have to believe that there is a universal approach to the redesign of the site?
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    Now mobile is most useable device by user so you need a responsive website to get more visiter to website. Google also give more prefence in Mobile SERP if you have responsive Website.
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  • Your eCommerce websites needs to be responsive because most of the people are using smartphones now a days and they are more active on mobile so they prefer to do shopping using their mobile device. It is an advantage for any business to have responsive website using all devices.
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    Well, now a days as much as 40% traffic to ecom sites come from handheld devices. So, responsive site is a must.
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      Originally Posted by joomlafreaks View Post

      Well, now a days as much as 40% traffic to ecom sites come from handheld devices. So, responsive site is a must.
      In UK it is ore than 60% of orders comes from mobile- simple, secure, always on....
      Simply as long you are not the only one source of product or service in the world- you have to go for RWD or mobile app to jump into main stream traffic.
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    Bro, its pretty simple. Most of the is shifting from laptops to smart phones (although laptops has its own benefits). So most of the customers visits online stores via their smart phones. Not only ecommerce site but all the sites needs to be responsive as google won't allow any website which is not responsive.
    But you don't have to worry about it as most of the themes are already responsive..
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    Do you want to have in hands tool which looks nice or the one which let you grow?
    Simply you cannot dig a gold with playground toys... Learn from the experience of big players, the source for the right tool set in saas. Read, learn and work hard. None of big players is based on open source- why? It is too expensive to keep it well and alive.
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    You're right - responsiveness is important as 64% of users browse and complete their purchase on mobile devices, so making the process easy for them will translate into more sales
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    Because content is like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Bruce Lee
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    An e-commerce site needs to responsive because nowadays people avoid big screen like the laptop, desktop they prefer mobile device.

    If you are in travel and want to search eCommerce products then what you prefer Moblie or laptop. I think definitely use mobile so website needs to responsive.

    A responsive website increases the conversion rate and increases the sale.

    It also helps to improve the visitor on your site. A responsive site opens on every size device so anyone can access your website. So that it increases the visitors graph.
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    75% Of our traffic in the last 2 months has come from mobile or tablet users. This shows how important it is to have a responsive website in Ecommerce.
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    I think plenty of people have responded with reasons to have a mobile website. It is essential nowadays. No matter which platform you choose, practically all of them have responsive templates - WordPress/WooCommerce, Shopify, 3DCart, BigCommerce, etc.

    One thing that I think that most folks have wrong here is differentiating between traffic and sales. While it is true that more and more people are finding websites and surfing them via mobile devices, it is not true that the majority of people are BUYING from mobile websites in most cases. In fact, we are showing that our best mobile-converting websites only have one mobile sale for every five made from a desktop (and we have more than 60 active eCommerce stores currently). Of course, we are in the U.S.A. and, as I understand it, some other countries use their phones far more to buy things because that is the most reliable way of connecting to the internet.

    For sure, you need to have a mobile version of your website because you may actually receive more traffic vs. desktop. People do a lot of surfing from their phones when they are bored. Just keep in mind that they may initially find your site that way and later buy from you from their desktop, which is far easier and more secure for entering customer information and credit card data.

    Finally, statistics may vary greatly on the conversions you receive from mobile versus desktops. If you are selling music downloads, mobile will certainly outpace desktops. If you are selling pool tables, it'll be the other way around.
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  • Responsiveness is the trend for the e-commerce website. I am also dealing with Magento website from last many years. Every business want their website to be mobile compatible and responsive too. Every client want their website to be used in mobile, tablet or PC. That is why e-commerce website need responsive.
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    Wow @ some of these responses. The correct answer is responsive design reduces bounce rates and increases conversions. The point is to have your site accessible by as many devices and thus, users, as possible. Responsive and Fluid design allows you to cater one site to fit the needs of any and all users. Before fluid frameworks and design you needed to develop completely separate mobile versions of a site which got extremely expensive.
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    Yes, E-Commerce sites should be Responsive. Consider a Product view, If it is responsive one can view the Product from 360 degree Rotation.
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    To get good ranking in search engine, it is necessary to have a responsive website. Most of the people nowadays, use smartphones for searching. So this is an important reason to have a responsive website.

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    Responsive design is a must for every website. We ensure that all our websites are developed with these capabilities.
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