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Can you recommend any resources for finding good/great niches for dropshipping?
For example DSL is overall a great course but I've heard there could be more information about finding niches etc.
I really want to gather as much knowledge as possible on this subject so if anyone can recommend any resources or help I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    The best niches are often those, which are not widely known yet. So the best niche you pick will be result of hard work like doing many search requests, analyzing various niches, then finding decent drop-shipping offers. Be creative, think out of the box, no t-shirts, heaven forbid!

    Option #2: you can choose literally any niche as long as you have really, I mean REALLY good price/quality. Which of course usually means you have some sort of unique personal connection or buy really large wholesale.

    Anything widely known is usually such for a reason: it's not a commercial secret people protect. Good secrets are very well protected, believe me, I am in wholesale and retail business and know what real competition is like. Some of my competitors would pay very good money just to know my suppliers.
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