Setting up Woocommerce vs Shopify

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Been researching both platforms extensively. Shopify looks very easy to set up for an ecommerce store (drag and drop) and most of the reading I have done says Woocommerce is a bit more challenging. Anyone who has set up a woocommerce site is it fairly straightforward? Both platforms seem strong but the monthly pricing and weak blog function seem to be negatives versus Woo but it sure seems daunting to set up Woo plus you have to find hosting and SSL which isn't free. Thanks for any input on this beat to death topic.
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    It is beat to death, quite right and there is a lot information available online. Woocommerce is great IF you set it up properly and make it all work, look pretty. Novices tend to make classic errors like using the wrong graphics, bad placements, poorly written product descriptions.
    You have to ask yourself, why would someone prefer to shop at my store-rather than another one-the basics really.
    Both platforms have their pro's & con's - woo of course is a lot more work and maintenance-it is cheaper even with hosting/SSL.

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  • Hi There,

    I agree with "MrFume" both platforms have their pro's & con's. Here is my understanding :

    Shopify :
    You can easily upload CSV file in shopify.
    You can add multiple images at once.

    Woocommerce :
    You cannot use CSV option here.
    You need to add all images one by one.

    There are many other points like Wocommerce is slow as compare to Shopify.
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    I have done both. Honestly you can go either way, but I prefer to have my own site on my own hosting. There are so many video tuts and the documentation that comes with a good theme is more than enough. If you have the funds you can outsource all the initial setup. But if funds are tight try the Shopify route and try and get your site up and running inside the trial period.
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    You can indeed upload a CSV with images using the WP All Import plugin. From what I understand, the pros and cons are that woocommerce/WP is more difficult and more flexible, but cheaper. Shopify is more expensive, and less flexible, but easier to get it done.
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