need help at my brand new site

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i created a new site based on my panel with extremely low prices.
i just genarate one sale for the last week,
this is my site socialshop - Reliable social market ,
based on wordpress ecommerce .
how i could increase my sales ?
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    Do you have any traffic going to the site? That's the first thing obviously. However, the most important thing you could do is set your value proposition. Basically sum up in one sentence what you do and how that sets you apart from others doing the same thing. It's not easy to write but if you do that the rest comes so much easier.

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    start promoting your website on social midea this will make difference and
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    start promoting your website on social media this will make difference and you will earn huge money ! good Luck
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    Well you can buy the Website Real Traffic package: $1 for 1000 real visitors. If more than 1 of those 1000 buy something from your website you are in profit.
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    First think about the targeted client who might be interested to buy your product. And then search where you can get them and promote there. FB ads is one of most popular platform to promote.
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    OK as a web developer I can give you the below comments for your website

    1. Your "Get Social and Save 10% Now" promotion box has a image of a girl with some bags. at first I thought this website is about fashion so that image is bit misleading

    2. You have two navigation items (cart and checkout) which does the same action when I click. that's just doesn't make any sense.

    3. The main navigation is not supporting your products. without going to the "shop" page there's no why for the user to find out what kind of services you provide. categorized your services and bring them to the main navigation ( Ex: "Get Like" , " Get Followers" )

    4. Use some relevant images of your niche for hero images.

    5. get the most out of home page. there is nothing there on your home page so why should some one navigate into your other pages ?

    below are some of my personal dislikes about your website

    1. The font's and their sizes are not very appealing for me
    2. I don't see any compelling reasons why I should buy your service
    3. Remove the theme's footer credits
    4. Add a contact us and an about us page

    so that's all I see...... good luck
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    The first thing you need to do is to get more traffic. You can have it by promoting your website to different social networking sites. Be it on facebook, twitter, pintrest or even on instagram. You could also try video marketing. It's the trend nowadays.
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