T-Shirt for my Wife :-) Thoughts?!

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My wife has had this great t-shirt idea for several years but we put it on the back burner. Because we think this has the potential to be a big online and offline money maker, it never left our mind - so here we are again.

Any suggestions on where to obtain good quality t-shirts and fitted t-shirts for women or printers that will print small runs of shirts as we start off?

We will start with shirts and then move into other apparel and clothing items as sales increase.

I earn a living promoting products to contractors via email and have been since 2011 so learning something new isn't difficult - it's just starting in the right direction. Her hangup before was finding a supplier, printer, etc.

If you have experience in this area and are willing to help (realizing you may charge for your time), please reach out to me.

Thanks for your help.
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    Check out customink.com. I've had about 10 different shirts made from there
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    YOu can also use teespring for your tee shirt and marketing
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    Just create a campaign on a website like teespring. After that your only job is to sell. They will take care of printing, payments, shipping etc. They have some decent tools you can use to design your t-shirt and you can see the end result.

    A minor issue is that you have to decide an estimate of t-shirts you think you will sell and only when that number is reached the t-shirts are printed and people billed. The bigger the number, the lower the price. You can start with 3-5-10 and if the goal is reached you can increase the number while the campaign is running. I don't think you can lower the number though.
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    Well, there are two ways you can take in order to reach your goal. The first thing is to find a site, where you can import your design and choose the type of t-shirt you would like, and that will result with a price that include everything. On that price you can add your desired profit and you won't have to do anything regarding printing, shipping and any other activity included in the process. You will just need to receive the money and pay the company that will do all the work for you. Before you do business with any of the sites my advice would be to see the t-shirt and the printing quality, if that is not good you may loose any potential customers, or people that would order again if the quality was good. The other alternative is to order a large quantity of t-shirts from China, after you see that they are a good quality and than print on them using a printer or a press with printed designs on a specific paper. This would be more time consuming because you would have to do every thing to get the product ready for shipping and than ship it to your customer. This way your profit margin will be greater if you find the right place to buy the t-shirts from and you choose the right way to print the t-shirts. Also, you will have to spend more money on ways to ship your product.
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    Most of printet T-Shirts are LQ, you must find someone who makes really nice T-Shirts. T-Shirt print will gone after couple of washing, be aware!
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    Teespring is your solution. Don't invest in too much stuff, Teespring is very little risk to try generate sales and validate your idea!
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    100% printed in the U.S.A - Ship worldwide
    Only $21.99
    click to buy -http://bit.ly/2aqX8XI
    1. Select style and color
    2. Click "add to cart"
    3. Select size and quantity
    4. Enter shipping and billing information
    5. Done!
    Tip: SHARE it with your friends, order together and save on shipping.
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