Wholesale and woocommerce - bad idea?

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I'd like to know if it's a dangerous idea to use Woocommerce for both wholesale and public sale.

Apparently my requirements are not available in the default wordpress feature. I'd like to make possible a variation of colour and size like this product page: https://www.zalando.fr/only-sons-ons...2o02i-k11.html

It's the same product but there are different colours that have different pictures and also therefore a different product code.

I plan to use wholesalesuiteplugin.com for the wholesale. Ideally, I'd like to stay with wordpress because that's where i'm more comfortable for creating website except for e-commerce however given my requirements i'm afraid to go in the wrong direction.

That would be highly appreciated to tell me your thoughts and suggest me what could be the best in my case.

Thanks you
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    What is the planning with your wholesaling system ? You can make variable products with normal woocommerce plugin . You don't need any plugin to make variable products .
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    It's about creating a color variation between the same product. But for each variation there are different pictures and also a different url (because it's another product code).
    A guy that i have hired on upwork seems to have difficulties to create those variations. Is he just bad?
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    Originally Posted by Linegend View Post


    I'd like to know if it's a dangerous idea to use Woocommerce for both wholesale and public sale.
    Wholesale - retail...It doesn't matter.

    Create a user role and show dynamic pricing based on user.

    Creating variations of product is another thing that is quite basic. I think you might have employed someone who doesn't have experience or the skills you need.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks you for telling me it. It's crazy though, this person has like >20k hour in upwork, top rated...

    Does having to set up a color filter in the shop page can change anything about this kind of variation ?
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