T-shirt store : FB ads or Instagram ads ?

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We are about open a T-shirt store. Our target is people between 16-30 years old.

When we set ages, location etc., facebook advert center estimates that we will reach more people on Insta than Fbook.

What do you think? I read/watched a lot of people who use FB. But Insta ads are not very popular.
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    Since when reaching more people is better?

    Of course, some ad networks have low reach and even if you put a huge budget you just can't get enough clicks. But that's not an issue with Facebook. You can burn $10k in a few hours if you want.

    You should focus on what audience to target. An instead in going broad you should target smaller, passionate groups of people.

    For example engineers that are fans of a sports team. You design a great t-shirt related to engineering and use the colours of their favorite team. Even if you reach 300 people a day that could be more profitable that advertising to 20k people that could be just slightly interested in your design.

    Anyway, this t-shirt thing has been done and redone and then smoked quite a few times by now and if you don't think outside the box you have no chance in being profitable imo.
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      Originally Posted by Hearn View Post

      Since when reaching more people is better?
      You should focus on what audience to target. An instead in going broad you should target smaller, passionate groups of people.
      What Hearn said. Run ads wherever you can target the most so that you're only reaching passionate people.
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    it depends on what your ads use for, you need to survey their user first in your country.
    in my country nowaday mostly user who active will be a teenager since my market above 25 will be a girl above 25-30, so mostly i will spend more on instagram.

    also it depends on your ads purpose, instagram ads good for showing a single event or product also at this moment in my country still less competition, they can easilly get spiral too, usually i use them as brand recognition but remember your instagram ads wont available on your instagram profile page, and you cant put such getting follower ads just like to getting likes in facebook page.
    fyi : i dont use type of getting visitor on my site or similiar to them due to their ppc will be too expensive for me where i cant, rather than that i prefer to steer them to like my page so i will be able to manage them as buyer in the future
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    I also share the same opinion as facebook, more and more young people use instagram every day, so it would be a better market than facebook. Start with a instagram page and share some cool photos, make your page great with a good number of followers and than post your t-shirt designs, that will attract customers for sure. Also, you can buy an instagram page or pay some page to post your designs and post a link to your online store where the customers can buy one of your t-shirts. Wish you all the best.
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