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What is the best way to find a niche these days. i want to get into eccommerce but how do i find a niche? what are some good ways to do niche and keyword research in order to find profitable niche markets? let me know what methods you are using. Once i have the niche what are the best ways to drive traffic to the niche website and how will i sell?
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    Do your keyword research with Google Keyword Planner. See how folks are competing on each keyword. The one with higher search volume is the best, however it's not quite correct but it guarantees some searches.

    Go to Google and type in your chosen niche keyword, see how competing goes on. Check image and video results as well. If you're planning to advertise, you can also check PPC competitors, myself did some refreshes and found that a keyword got only two competitors.

    Where you see small organic & paid ads competition, you can choose it as your niche.


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    Use semrush, google keyword planner and amazon for your keyword research. Google keyword planner is the most reliable one among the 3. And amazon can give you many keyword ideas.
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    This was something I wondered about when I first started out online. I had not a clue how to get started and what niche I should be in. So what I did at the time was start a WordPress blog hosted on a domain which I had to registration access to (owned by eNom), use RSS2Blog as a content scraper, and long story short, got kicked out of Google in 07' for duplicate content.

    When you find a niche, take time to use a speech recognition program and write unique content. If you write posts on your site at least one thousand words or better daily even if it's just one post, search engines will respect you more in the long run. If you decide to start an automated coupon site and you have automated content coming in, get a small team of ppl to rewrite all descriptions and use a WP content scheduling plugin to autopost the rewritten content.

    Your niche site should be something you want to do from the heart even if on days you don't make money from it. This way, you do it wholeheartedly without worrying about making money in the moment. If you do something you love whether traditionally or online, you'll get better at it and make more money on days when least expected.
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    I get this question a lot from friends that are thinking about going into ecommerce. My biggest suggestion is always to find a niche that you know something about. It is far easier I think to sell in a niche you are familiar with and much more fun to sell in one you love. All my stores are built around my interests which lets me write better product descriptions, find new products I know my customers will love because I love them, etc. If you try to sell in a niche you know nothing about (for me that would be anything to do with sports) you will need to spend a lot more time doing research, testing products, and figuring out how to find customers. Not nearly as much fun imo.

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