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Hi everyone. My friend and I are having a hard time deciding on a niche for our first Shopify store. We want to start out with t-shirts and move on to other things like mugs and jewelry.

Example: We want to target those who play baseball. Google Trends show that it is most popular in May and it is the least popular in December.

Does it really matter if it is seasonal since we are not going to sell baseball gears/bats?

1. What my friend think: The tshirts will sell well in May and sales will drop till December.

2. What I think: People would buy the baseball shirt even if it's not the baseball season. If you love the sport and the t-shirt design, you are more likely to buy it?

We used Google Trends for other niches like camping, hiking and so on. So far most of them are seasonal. Is Google Trends enough to tell us that we shouldn't go inside that niche? Please tell us what you think.
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