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We just lunched our first e commerce website and got 400 targeted(buy cctv, buy security cameras, etc) clicks through adwords but no conversions.

Is there anything that is really off putting with the website? The name? Any suggestions are welcome! We have been trying to see solve whats wrong but we dont seem to find the problem.

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    Maybe they Googled the brands you are selling and they can find them cheaper at other places. Maybe they know that they are also items from AliExpress.

    If not, then the problem may be with your AdWords campaign.If you get 400 visitors without one sale then it may not be targeted enough.
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    From here in the US, the site load time was a little bit slow. You may want to look into compression to speed things up.

    The images are a bit blurry on the home page and there is overlap between the add to cart, view buttons and pricing. See attached image.

    I would suggest adding the SSL site seal since you're encrypted

    Otherwise, I'd say you're off to a great start.
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    In general, I think people get too carried away with making their websites look absolutely perfect from the very beginning, but in your case, I think the design and the images are giving you major problems. On your home page and on all of your categories, the buttons are smashed together and the text on the button is half on the button and half off. The images out on category pages and the home page are blurry. They look fine on the actual product pages but very few people are probably bothering to click through because of how bad they look out on the home page. In my experience, NOTHING will kill conversion rates like bad images.

    Like we tell our students over at Store Coach, focus first on building a website that you would be comfortable shopping at yourself. If I stumbled across this site right now looking for a surveillance camera to buy, I'd see the site for about 2 seconds and I'd push the back button because of LOTS os small issues.
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  • Suggestion for E-commerce website are as follows:
    1.) Make a trust for customers and increase security in website.
    2.) Share some informative and relative content and keep updated regularly.
    3.) The speed of your site should be high which attract the customers.
    4.) Put customers reviews and testimonials regarding your services.
    5.) Maintain good and healthy relations between customers.
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    This will close more leads for you... Live Chat

    Try any of these three companies:
    Help Desk Software for Customer Service | Live Chat | LiveHelpNow
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    Yes you need to work a bit more on that site. The word "product categories" is sitting on other texts. It looks like the site is under construction. I would back out too.

    I wanted to go to the product page but product names are not clickable. I had to hit the "buy now" button to go the product page. You might want to change that.

    I think if you tidy up the site you will see some conversion.

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    Well, you need to work on the design a bit more.

    1. Sidebar covers the banner. Not good

    2. Too much of white space.

    3. You need some scrolling banners to highlight the products/categories

    4. Last but not least, get your site SEO done.

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  • You need to add live chat feature on your site so visitors can interact with customer support person in case your visitor have some question related product. It builds confidence to make their mind to complete the order. As you know customer support is back bone of any successful business.

    Also you should work on following points:

    *Offer amazing discounts, freebies through your squeeze/landing pages.
    *Attract your targeted audience through Facebook Page/Instagram and social media platforms.
    *Write complete description of listed products for brand awareness among your audience.
    *Find other ways to improve interaction and conversation with your audiences.
    *Keep in touch with them regularly with informative content.
    *Most important part is that your site should have testimonials and reviews as it will make trust between your potential customers.

    Hope that helps. Best of luck
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    Hey Arre,

    As you mentioned that you ran adword campaign for your website, got traffic but no conversion, I believe you haven't used the correct keywords during the campaign. I can tell more after reviewing you campaign only.

    Another reason of low/no conversion could be your website as I analyzed it and found that the structure of the website is not proper. Please improve the structure of the website. If you haven't worked on structure there will no conversions in future too.

    If you need detailed suggestion for yours website I can provide you that too.
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    I agree with sumit@247easysupport u should try using a live chat software. With live chat software you can track your visitors as well as you can interact with them. I am currently using* Application*with this you get instant visitors alert and you can interact with your visitors at any time,anywhere when your visitor is give it a try.
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    Your Unique Value Proposition isn't quantitative nor being made immediately apparent. The claims in your Why Us content are generic. What do your customers care about most? What actually sets you apart from your competition?

    For example: Long track record in supplying security equipment - How long? Where is this record? Does the UK have a BBB equivalent or some way to back up this claim? Do customers care about this or is it something they already assume given that you specialize in cameras?

    The 2 things I see that customers might actually care about and that might set you apart are 1) Free shipping and 2) After sales support. I would make those immediately clear in the header of your site and then back them up throughout the rest of the website. For example, you can claim "Free shipping and Best after sales support" with a graphic next to it that says something like "99% customer satisfaction". Then, you can put customer testimonials that back that claim up throughout the site.

    Also, what customer in their right mind would click a buy now button directly from the home page? The home page's goal should be to get your value proposition across, establish credibility and then direct the customer to a category of products to select from.

    Did you utilize analytics to record what happened to the traffic you sent? Did they immediately bounce off the homepage or abandon the shopping cart? Use analytics to identify problem areas and fix them.
    Best tools to improve Google Analytics
    - Free apps, custom reports & dashboards
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