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I'm a traveling consultant and write books that self publish and mostly sell through FBA. I have been selling my books on amazon a little over 4 years. Up until now when I release a new book I sell FBM for the first 2 months because of the amount of sales I would get. Between my 18 book titles and my 3 DVD titles my slow weeks are around 2,750 units.

I just got a shipment of 2 new book titles from my printer. I put both of them up on FBM and in the first 3 days I have shipped 1,581 of one title and 1,734 of the other title. I'm about to do some traveling and will not be able to do FBM for a couple of weeks.

Amazon put a 500 unit cap on both of my books for FBA. I understand that there warehouses are full and there polices are to keep them from becoming a storage warehouse. I do my best to limit my inventory to under 6 weeks on all my items at any time. I stay under 25% of my item limit most of the time.

What I don't understand is that it takes about 14 days from the time i ship something to amazon to when it shows up in my inventory for sale. But at the same time they don't even want me to ship them a weeks worth of product? I'm already doing a weekly LTL shipment and would love to be able to ship them a pallet of each book.

I contacted costumer service today and was told they would not be able to lift the cap on my new books until they see that they continue to sell at the same rate. I would love to do a one time shipment of 10,000 of each of the titles and then cap them at 5,000 each.

At this point I don't feel as if I'm able to promote my new books. I did post the new books on my website, but have not promoted them yet. I just got 18,500 worth of books from my printer and would love to move some stock (my cars no longer fit in the garage).

I do not understand what amazon is thinking.
Dose anyone have any ideas why amazon would limit me so much?
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    My only thought is that they are a big company that is rigid and sticks to their rules. I would suggest you tr again to see if they can be flexible in your case and allow you to send in more inventory. If you past sales volume is looked at then perhaps with some persistence on your part Amazon will make an exception for you.

    The first person you speak to at their end is probably not authorized to make such an exception and perhaps you will need to get your request escalated.
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